Friday , 26 April 2019
The games delegates play at IFFI 2016

The games delegates play at IFFI 2016

Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) has organised a special Cine Quiz for all the IFFI delegates at the Inox Courtyard. This quiz is a quick entertainer and a perfect way for the delegates to pass their time, when not catching up on the films being screened. Amira Araujo and Charmaine Dourado have taken up the task of helping out at the quiz stall.
Cine Quiz consists of five questions, each of which needs to be answered within ten seconds. The questions revolve around topics ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, regional cinema and actors to awards, singers, basically everything related to cinema. One delegate can play only twice each day, and for all the days of the festival, which needs to be played at the stall using the tablet provided. The application records the toppers completing the challenge by answering all the questions correctly in the specific time.
Amira says: “These toppers are listed down, however they will then be sorted out depending on the speed with which they have answered the questions. The delegate who has topped in the least amount of time will then be given a surprise gift. The application asks for a participant’s name, phone number and an email ID, through which they will be contacted. We are unaware of what the gift is, it’s a surprise!”
Meanwhile, Charmaine who was handling the delegates taking the quiz said: “People are excited to win the quiz. They are thrilled to answer it within 10 seconds. Some of the delegates continuously get their friends along to win the quiz. It is quite interesting because of the delegates’ demand. It is free of cost and people queue up to play.”
The quiz is on for all the days of IFFI, starting at around 11 a.m. and goes on till 9 p.m.

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