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The crooning charmer

Singer Neeti Mohan, the voice behind tunes like ‘Ishq Wala Love’, Kheech meri photo’, ‘Jiya re’, ‘Bang Bang’, etc, who was in Goa recently, shared her journey with NT BUZZ


Having made her Bollywood debut with ‘Ishq Wala Love’ from ‘Student of The Year’ (which also featured Shekhar Ravijiani and Salim Merchant), Neeti Mohan’s journey in singing started when she participated and won Channel V’s reality show ‘Popstars’. “I was always drawn to music and wanted to explore it further. After the show I started doing stage performances and then got into playback singing. That is how it all started,” she says.

Meeting AR Rahman changed her life further. “I auditioned for one of AR Rahman’s concerts and then I got a call from his office to be a part of his band. I have been part of his band for 11 years now and I think that has really helped me a lot to grow as an artiste,” she says, adding that it all feels like a dream come true. “I am originally from Delhi and a person sitting in Delhi would not imagine her life changing so beautifully. I just want to keep doing more music with my friends as collaborations, Bollywood songs, and concerts,” she says.

In fact, Neeti was also the voice of Goan singer Lorna Cordeiro in ‘Bombay Velvet’ which saw actress Anushka Sharma playing the role. And when asked if she would like to sing in a Konkani movie, the singer quickly responds: “Yes. Why not? I love singing in all the languages. With Konkani music, the vibe is different, it is more coastal, the instrumentation is different, it is more guitar-based. I really enjoy listening to that.” She also adds that she really admires Lorna’s stage performance. “What a rockstar she is!” she exclaims.

And while there is a lot of music releasing every day, Neeti believes that for good music to stand out is a challenge sometimes. “At times, you can miss good music or it might not reach you because the publicity of that song is not enough. Sometimes you only hear a song after a year and wonder how you have never heard of it before. I think the challenge is to not go after numbers but to produce good music. Everybody is running after good numbers,” she says.

Neeti also believes that there should be more jam sessions among artistes rather than just a focus on recording a song. “Earlier people used to rehearse for days and then record the song. There are some composers who do that. They will teach you the song, give you the song for a month and then record it and I really enjoy that. I hope I get to do that more,” she says.

And while song remakes seems to be the in thing today, Neeti believes that it is because these songs are finding an audience that they are being made. “But as much as there is a market for remakes, there is also a market for original music, classical music, etc. We have so many choices to get different music and in different genres,” she says.

Having created a niche for herself in the music industry, Neeti advices aspiring singers to learn music, learn an instrument, and learn to produce your music as well. “Now the time has come when everybody has to be independent. So if they can do all these and put up their music online, the right people will hear their voice. And if they want to do playback for the biggest composers that we have, they will definitely reach out to them,” she says.

The singer meanwhile is now all set to release her single ‘Khudkhushi’ which is a remake and will be launched on December 13. The party track features actress Rashmi Jha and Bigg Boss 11 contestant actor Priyank Sharma.

Love for Goa

Neeti has been to Goa a number of times. In fact she makes it a point to visit the state at least three to four times a year. She likes everything about Goa and wishes she could live here as she thinks it is the most beautiful place on earth. “I love Goa. I love the culture and food here. Everything is just excellent. It is my number one spot to go for holidays. The vibe, the people, the laid-back attitude. People enjoy life here. That is why Goa is the most sought out destination, be it for weddings or holidays,” she says.

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