Wednesday , 14 November 2018

The Big Foot and students honour the woman

The Big Foot in Loutolim organised a meditative exercise with live music and painting as part of their founder’s day celebrations at St Michael’s Square. The event was titled ‘Honouring the Woman’ and the logo designed for the event was a tilaka inside a circle symbolising infinity and the womb. India’s longest laterite sculpture of Sant Mira was used as the mascot for the event.

Artists of all skill levels and ages shared their thoughts on canvass on the topic ‘The woman and the importance of girls in society’. Around 50 artists participated in the event, including students from Infant Jesus High School, Colva; Saviour of the World High School, Loutolim and Our Lady of Snows High School, Raia.

Students coloured cloth bags which had a sketch of Sant Mira printed on them. Also on display was an art exhibition by Goan artists Maendra Alvares, Suraj Nadkarni, Vijay Bhandari, Shuas Chari and Karishma Alvares with paintings celebrating women and womanhood. Banners with the message to ‘Honour the Woman’ were put up across the village to further raise awareness.

A brass band and solo percussionist serenaded participants. Visitors shared their views about honouring the woman and discussed ideas of how to practice the same. The collective display of paintings by students was then displayed at The Big Foot Art Gallery, Loutolim and inaugurated by retired art teacher and freelance photo journalist, Kishor Naik.

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