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The best of Konkani hits

A Roman Konkani music book titled ‘The Greatest Konkani Song Hits 2’ with sheet-music, playable on any instrument will be released tomorrow. NT BUZZ gets more details

To popularise and document the magic of Konkani music internationally, Francis Rodrigues, a Canadian Goan attorney and musician based out of New York and Toronto, has come up with the second volume of his Konkani music book titled ‘The Greatest Konkani Song Hits 2’ in Roman script with sheet-music, playable on any instrument. The book has been illustrated by cartoonist Alexyz.

The book will be released on December 29, 3 p.m. at the Institute Menezes Braganza Hall, Panaji. Tomazinho Cardozo will be the chief guest

Volume 2 is published in two versions – the composite version (including tabs, translations, etc) and the piano arrangements (for both amateur and concert-pianist) also being released alongside.

A music aficionado, Rodrigues published the first volume of ‘Greatest Konkani Song Hits’ series 10 years ago. “The public response was particularly gratifying all over Goa and the diaspora, and we reprinted several times. It was originally my intention to produce a succeeding volume every couple of years at least. But I just did not have time,” he says.

However, this year in June he managed to work on the second volume of the book which has 33 songs including contemporary music as well as classic numbers from films. A third of the songs in this volume are by the evergreen music genius Chris Perry. Rodrigues reveals that the list also includes songs from Frank Fernand’s hit Konkani movies of the 60s and 70s (‘Amchem Noxib’, ‘Nirmonn’, etc) along with tunes from other movies. People can look forward to the works from musicians like M Boyer, Alfred Rose, Henry D’Souza, H Britton, Manuel Alphonso, Ulhas Buyao, Roque Lazarus, Antoninho D’Souza, Celestino Alvares, Raimund Barreto, Ronnie Monseratte, etc.

Two young musicians’ tunes have also made it to the book – Anthony Fernandes’ (bass guitarist of Lynx band) line-dance hit ‘Kedna’ and Gulf superstar Friz Love’s contemporary anthem ‘Mhaka Kiteak Podla’.

Some of the songs that have made it to the book include ‘Nachoiea Kumpasar’, ‘Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu’, ‘Pitti Pitti Mog’, ‘San Franciscu Xaviera’, ‘Mando Goencho Khoro’, ‘Ya Ya Maya Ya’, ‘Portuguese Folk Medleys’, ‘Maria’, ‘Noxibak Rodtam’, ‘Goenkarponn’, ‘Rajan Ani Prema’, ‘Voddekkara’, ‘Jhila Ani Lila’, ‘Aikat Mhozo Tavo’, ‘Juliana’, ‘Sorga Rajeant’, ‘Sao Joao’, ‘Chan’neache Rati’ and ‘Tuzo Mog’.

“I have transposed some of the music to the simpler keys (for the guitarist particularly) of G Major, etc. Any desired key may be obtained by re-transposition,” says Rodrigues.

He adds that the book also includes detailed programme notes, which brings the reader the stories and background behind these songs and their composers.

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