The beauty and the music


A few years ago, Vaughan Fernandes was on his way to the recording studio in Benaulim when three girls who were crossing the road accidentally bumped into his car. “They treated me with a whole lot of attitude,” recalls Fernandes. However, their beauty stuck with him. “After this encounter, I began humming a tune that I came up with and later went home and worked on it,” says Fernandes.

And thus, his song ‘Find You’ was born in 2017. “The song describes what happened to me after I saw this pretty girl. It describes her beauty and how I am approaching my love for her. It is a slow tune with a mix of hip hop and R&B,” says Fernandes, who left his job at the airport to concentrate fully on his music. “My job didn’t give me time to work on my songs and I felt I would lose my creativity if I continued this way,” he says.

The music video for ‘Find You’ is now all set to be released on February 1 on Youtube. “We shot the video on January 4 and completed it in one day. It was only after we started editing the footage that we got a storyline for the video though,” says Fernandes, who previously came out with the tunes ‘Don’t Leave Me’ (English) and ‘Tunch’ (Konkani).

The video has been shot by Avit Psy Rush, starring Narusha Leonath D’Souza as the lead actress along with Fernandes. Fernandes also had a few students from MES College helping him in the dance sequence.

Post the release of this music video, the youngster already has plans for his next track. “The next tune will focus on the club scene and will be a mix of English and Konkani,” says Fernandes, who has hopes of moving to the UK where he aspires to meet more artists and improve his music.

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