Friday , 26 April 2019
The Bard meets Cosplayers at Cosfest Goa
Overall winners - students of Vidya Vikas Academy 

The Bard meets Cosplayers at Cosfest Goa

This year’s Shakespeare Festival in Goa, organised by Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao, paired with the second Cosfest Goa. Over 300 students participated in both events. The Bard by the Mandovi 2018 – The Shakespeare Festival Goa saw 13 schools and higher secondary institutes participate with over 200 students participating in the nine events over the day. This year’s theme was ‘Super Shakespeare’.

Events ranged from dramatic monologues to enacting scenes from Shakespeare’s plays to creating original Shakespearean superheroes. They created dioramas in ‘Diorama Drama’, wrote original poems on the spot and painted them too in ‘Synaesthesia’. Students also recited poems to music in the ‘The Bard’ and created children’s books in ‘Bedtime Shakespeare’.

The event began with a rap battle by students as Titania and Juliet. The crossover event was ‘The Mascot’– one participant from each team had to participate in Cosfest Goa 2018. The overall first place was won by Team Jack Sparrow – Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao; second place was won by Team Batgirl – Our Lady of the Rosary High School, Dona Paula, and third place was secured by Team Macbeth – The King’s School, Margao.

Cosfest Goa saw over 50 participants in the competitive, non-competitive and casual categories. Judges were internet fashion blogger Shruti Haldankar; animation programme director at Chowgule College, and comic afficianado, Joy Prasad Murmu; and actor/director Saroj Usgaonkar.

In the group category the winners were cosplayers Hussain Dessai, Sahana Bellad, Farhaan Dandekar, Sweta Kaisukar, Yusuf Khan, Saif Khan from Goa Engineering College.

In the individual category the first place was won by Clive Rodrigues who cosplayed Black Panther, second place was won by Simmonee Barretto who cosplayed Wonder Women, third place was won by Anish Silva for cosplaying as Jack Sparrow and the consolation prize was presented to Ann Andrade who cosplayed Cleopatra.

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