The aphrodisiac disaster

Dr Kedar Padte

The coffee area in the canteen of the Elite Mix University was abuzz with “Thank God he is alive!”

Boisterino had to be hospitalised and remained in the ICU for a drug reaction. “He is lucky,” said Prof Talkerato, “he collapsed on the football ground when I was just passing by. How we stuffed this 110 kilogram boy into the van is beyond us. He was frothing and blue by the time we reached the university clinic. Our university doctor was very quick and put a mouth gag and performed CPR. His colour improved with oxygen. After many injections we moved him to the tertiary care centre when they took him to the ICU instantly.”

The intensivist even said that there would’ve been no hope had he come in a few minutes late as he had an anaplylaxis to aphrodisiac combination, said Prof Talkerato.

“I know interjected,” said Timidita and read a bid about it too.

An aphrodisiac or love drug is a drug used to improve sexual dysfunction or to enhance sexual function as well.

The name is linked to the Greek goddess of Aphrodite or to it is a term for most sexual stimulants.

History has it that aphrodisiacs have been sought after for centuries. Eatables, drinks and applications that improve sexual desires, erection or orgasm are sought after to date. Many of these products have a placebo effect and in reality have no effect at all. They are sold at a heavy price in the open market , or through medical shops and are even manufactured by pharmaceuticals.

From ginseng to yohimbine, Spanish fly to mad honey and bufo toad, aphrodisiac are sold in large quantities. Testosterone can improve libido (n men and women) in well calculated doses and when taken at the appropriate time, only after consulting a qualified sex therapy medico.

In the very young or post menopausal ladies testosterone applications are said to improve sexual functions.

When taken orally or injected, testosterone can be hepatotoxic (risky to the liver) and long term use can cause liver cancer. As such self medication can be dangerous.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines can increase the libido, though erectile dysfunction may not be corrected by the same.

Alcohol in small quantities also increases the libido. However, alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system and over dose takes away sexual activity.

There is an old pharmacological saying about alcohol ‘It provoketh the desire, yet taketh away the response’.

Many quacks cook up potions, herbal, chemical or otherwise and these can be dangerous. There is no calculation of dosage in hand mixed potions and these can cause life threatening responses besides allergies, nausea, vomiting and change in appetite.

“And what happened to Boisterino,” asked Timidita.

“He was muttering ‘Shilajit’or some such substance, given to him by a quack who regularly advertises in the newspaper,” said a student.

“Why would he have that?” asked Timidita.

Prof Talkerato was prompt to respond and said: “He was told that besides being a sexual stimulant it would improve his performance on the football ground and that he could fly instead of run.”

“He sure flew, and close to heaven,” giggled Timidita and added “Thank God he is alive and has understood that keeping his feet on the ground is the only thing he should look forward to from now on.”

(The columnist is a well-known gynaecologist practising in Panaji. Send in your queries to padte.kedar@gmail.com)

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