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Thanking the almighty for his blessings

With ‘Thank You God’, tiatrist
Pal Soares is conveying a spiritual message targeting every age group as his audience. In conversation with NT BUZZ, he talks about his struggle in the industry during his initial years and more


We generally remember God when we are in pain. If we are struggling through a negative situation, we often pray to God to help us out of that situation. In fact, in some dark situations, we have no other option than to pray. However, do we thank God when we are experiencing the best phases of our life?

Tiatrist, Pal Soares has observed that we remember God only when we need him and we forget him once all our worries are gone. We do not thank him for helping us to get out of a bad situation. Writer and director, Pal has recently released his 16th tiatr titled, ‘Thank You God’ to remind his audience to thank God every day, irrespective of the situation they are in.

“The tiatr title itself conveys a message. Through this tiatr, I aim at convincing my audience to thank God every day. His decisions are his blessing on us. When we are in dire need of help or when we are going through bad times. This should not happen, we must pray and thank God even when we are hale and hearty,” says Pal revealing the message of this tiatr.

‘Thank You God’ is a story of three siblings and the personal issues they face every day. The story focuses on how a younger brother turns into an alcoholic and gets addicted. He also has a girlfriend who leaves him after an incident. While his sibling sister, gets married to a well-settled man who works in London. The tiatr is about her struggle and her want of a better life for her brothers.

Pal who has moved to greener pastures in the UK, has not given up on his eternal love for tiatr. He says that as a Goan and tiatr lover he has tried to watch as many tiatrs in his childhood. His love for the dramatic form is so much that he comes to Goa only to release his tiatr for Goan tiatr lovers.

Pal says: “Over the years, I have been working abroad but I would come to Goa to release my tiatr. I feel satisfied as an artiste to contribute one tiatr every year. For a while I settled in Goa, but recently I secured a job in UK. And since I was to leave Goa in 2016 for the UK, I released two tiatrs in 2015. Fortunately, people appreciated both. ‘Thank You God’ is my first tiatr after working in the UK. I am planning to take this tiatr abroad for my fellow Goans.”

There are 12 kaantaras in tiatr ‘Thank You God’ while there are five caants. Pal believes that director should be recognised by public and so he plays a small character in this tiatr.

It was his love for this genre of the entertainment industry that Pal decided to join the bandwagon of tiatrists and stuck to it despite initial hurdles. “I have struggled a lot when I entered this industry, as people did not give new comers too many opportunities. Even the audience has their favourite directors and they would prefer watching only their tiatrs. This ultimately would affect the new comers like me. Sometimes, I was faced with financial losses due to tiatrs, but I didn’t give up,” he says.

He further says that some tiatrists get the same old stories and convey the same morals to the audience. Despite this, people prefer watching their tiatrs due to their renowned names in the industry. He says: “Audience must definitely watch tiatrs by their favourite directors but also give a chance to new tiatrists because it is an opportunity for us to show our skill professionally.” He adds that new comers have new stories and they are enthusiastic to show their talent on stage. He is glad that slowly people are considering him and that his struggle is recognised.

According to Pal, the subject of a tiatr story makes a huge difference. “The newer subjects you present on stage, the better shows it will run. Some old tiatrists have introduced new subjects on the tiatr stage which the audience remember even today. Of course the message shouldn’t be compromised, but the subject matters too,” he says.

Pal speaks of how in the old days, people would eagerly wait for village feasts as it would have a tiatr show. However, now people get to watch tiatrs almost every day and spirit of watching it is slowly diminishing among people. Pal calls out to people to watch his tiatr, and learn from it. He adds: “I want people to watch this tiatr in large numbers as it carries a message that every individual must remember and apply in his life.”
(The shows of tiatr, ‘Thank You God’ will be on January 14 at Nuvem at 7.30 p.m. and January 16 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 3.30 p.m.)



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