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Tension in Sarzora as villagers stop land filling


Sarzora on Wednesday witnessed some tense moments over the work of land filing of the controversial Seabandh in Sarzora with the villagers forcing the contractor to lift the dumped mud.
Trouble broke out after villagers noticed three mud-laden trucks dumping it in the bandh which according to the villagers acts as water reservoir which drains into river Sal. A large number of villagers from adjourning Dramapur village also gathered at the site.
The villagers demanded from the workers to immediately stop the work. But, the workers claimed that they had the conversion sanad and necessary permissions for carrying out the land filling, however conceded to the demands of the villagers and stopped the work.
Police had to intervene after the villagers blocked two trucks and the machinery inside the bandh and demanded that the mud be removed. Bowing to the demands of the villagers, the contractor later removed the mud dumped inside the bandh.
Villagers informed that the bandh comes under command area and also acts as a main reservoir for rain runoff water from the hills into the bandh which drains into the river. They said, “We fail to understand how the promoters are claiming that they have the necessary permissions for land filling, conversions more so as the area is within command area.”
Dramapur sarpanch Edcy Fernandes informed, “We received information from Sarzora villagers about the land filling. The village panchayat had already passed a resolution and forwarded the same to the government departments against the land filling as it will directly affect three wards of Tolleabandh, St Mingues B and Dandteawaddo in Dramapur besides also affecting parts of Chinchinim village.”

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