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Teen creed

“No! Nothing makes sense! Why should I? Why only me? I hate everything and everyone! Don’t want to study! Feeling lonely, I’m confused! I’m bored!” the typical phrases a teen uses.

Yes, teenagers. There are some of us who are currently going through this stage, some who have crossed it and some who are yet to be hit by this calamity called ‘teenage’.

This is a phase in life wherein we experience physical and mental changes. We go through hardships and emotional breakdowns which make us feel that we shouldn’t exist anymore and on the contrary, so many other things which make us feel as if we are on top of the world. These hardships help us understand that life is frustrating for a majority of teens. Thus they wander off on the wrong path, by trying illicit drugs and other harmful things.

Well, the legal age for smoking is 18 and drinking is 21 and 25 in some countries. The sale or usage of either of these is prohibited for minors but honestly does everyone abide by this? Well, I really doubt that! Drugs are of many types; medicinal drugs are those prescribed by doctors but the illicit drugs don’t have an age limit as they are forbidden for all. Today, in this educated world, you and I know the ill effects of drinking, smoking and drugs. Yet, we don’t comply with the hazardous effects. Did you know a teenage mind is more affected than an adult mind as a teen mind is still ‘under construction’?  It is proven that teens who were addicted to drugs and alcohol had low IQ as well as decreased memory space. To increase the concentration of ill effects, the actions a person in his/her teens will show further future effects, like liver cancer or liver cirrhosis by binge drinking (high consumption of alcohol which might cause blackout ), various lung and respiratory problems by smoking while drugs vary depending on the type of drug consumed. Too much of illicit drugs can cause direct death as well!

Our mind at this stage of life is completely confused. There are many hormonal changes that take place in our body and mind. These changes bewilder us and we lose track of the right and wrong and think that the right is the wrong because of various influences. Be it movies, friends or perhaps even your parents!

Wake up teens! It’s not like we don’t know the bad effects, we just tend to ignore them. Wake up guys! It’s not mandatory to drink, smoke or consume drugs to be accepted in society or by peers.

Think smart for yourself. Don’t think that stuff like this is cool, because trust me, it just isn’t! Once you start you cannot stop.

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