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Teamwork is good

Maria Fernandes

From putting up plays at school to sports activities, teamwork and collaboration are essential and a big part of our everyday life. Working together as a group to accomplish a task has a charm of its own and this is clearly evident when we watch our cricket team. It is team spirit that makes them bond together as a unit and play.

Getting along and engaging with others is the building block of many things in life. From a young age, children need to learn how to give and take, share, take turns, play to their strengths and draw in other people to fill the gaps. In fact it is a core social skill, say psychologists. Whatever a child ends up doing as a job, they have to be able to work with other people. They also need to build relationships, whether with family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues or customers.

A few reasons why team spirit should be inculcated in children at an early age are as follows:

Increases productivity: When you are in a team there is a sense of belonging and everyone feels inspired to work towards the common goal and good of the team. It motivates and stimulates team members to be efficient and productive.

Builds friendship: Being in a team binds members together and there is a kindred feeling among them. This helps build friendships that sometimes last a lifetime. Being friends prevents team members from being overtly affected by success or failure they may encounter while pursuing a common goal.

Promotes empathy and thoughtfulness: Since team spirit creates close relationships between team members, they become sensitive to each other’s needs and in turn become thoughtful. Both these emotions are important for every human being.

Encourages frankness: Team members cooperate and encourage each other. They help each other overcome weaknesses, and work with integrity and honesty to achieve their target. It is not possible to do all this without being frank and open with team members, as well as being open to accepting other’s opinions and advice.

Helps control anger: Without team spirit, after suffering a loss, members of a team may point accusing fingers at each other, which can eventually lead to angry outbursts. During such moments, it is team spirit that helps members of a team keep their anger under control and support each other.

Children start learning team work at home by observing their parents. When your children see you share a healthy relationship with your spouse and work closely as a team, they will also pick up this attitude. Encouraging your children to play group games or sharing things with others are also some other ways of fostering team spirit.

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