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Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

Diocesan Catechetical Centre has released a Lenten tiatr which has been scripted by Valency Dsouza and directed by Michael Gracias.

The tiatr recounts the benevolence of a catechist, the helplessness of a call girl, and the ultimate victory, when one has faith in the God.

Jude is a catechist who takes his work very seriously. He is well-to-do and lives in the same neigbourhood as Crystal, her drunkard father David, and Goretti, a woman who loves to gossip.

Crystal is a call girl and her agent is Dipak, known as Dipu. She got into the profession because as father is an alcoholic, it is up to her to earn and feed her family, and also pay for the education of her younger brother.

The neighbours gossip and maintain distance but the catechist with the help of the parish priest is keen to save the girl. He helps her and the two have to face the wrath of the goon, Dipu.

But God has his own plans. And he can work wonders if one has the faith. Watch this show to know what happens later, as the main characters falter, face physical violence and mental torture. The show ends with a climax that is amazingly different.

Valency has to be congratulated for the brilliant script. The miracles and teachings of Jesus who shared goodness, are interspersed with the main story that depicts the carelessness of a society that breeds negativity. It makes the play even more interesting and conveys the right message.

The good clean comedy has some very humorous moments. The set has been put to good use and Inacio’s light effects are timely.

Michael’s direction and good cast keeps the narrative moving smoothly. Valency leads in the role of the helpless call girl- a power packed performance that deserves accolades. This is a show where her talent is brought to the fore. Michael does a fine underplayed role of the benevolent catechist and Jose is superb as the evil and loud Dipu. Luiano makes a fine priest. Jacinto is apt as the drunken father and Diana is the neighbour who is kind hearted but loves her gossip. Fr Eusico does well as Jesus.

Maria Lourdes, Larsen, Joaquim, Carey and others, in important roles, lend good support. The humorous acts has Meena, once more displaying great timing in comedy while new comer Raymond impresses in all the acts.

Saby , Nazareth, Aniceto, Rohan and Seban provide the music. Valency-Larsen-Lourdes renders a nice opening song. There are other songs by Carey, Meena, Fr Eusico, Michael, Valency, Lourdes, Lusiano, Larsen and others. Solos by Lourdes, Fr Eusico and Michael have a good message.

Why only during lent? The message from the show could be effective anytime, unlike so many other Lenten tiatrs. Parishes in Goa should stage this show. A must watch!

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