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‘Take ownership of your own land’

Ad film director and marketing guru, Prahlad Kakar on the third day of the 12th edition of DD Kosambi delivered a talk on ‘Goa – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’. NT BUZZ reports


Calling upon the people of Goa to take ownership of their land, ad film director, Prahlad Kakar said that if Goans don’t take responsibility and ownership of their state then we will lose it forever.

“Despite knowing that the place is losing its true essence people are still not taking ownership and responsibility and are depending on representatives and government to do it for them. No government will take an unpopular action if people are not going to stand up for it. Ownership of your own land and your own state is the call of the day,” said Prahlad.

He elaborated on the reason and said: “People back then in Goa opened their homes and welcomed the tourists and guests and created a very hospitable atmosphere. During the summer the fishermens would make money through tourism by entertaining the tourist and allowing them to stay. This was how tourism had started in Goa.” However, he added that the bar has been lowered and the quality of tourism is deteriorating as it has become a cheap and affordable tourist spot and the people need to identify whom to entertain and whom not to.

Prahlad pointed out how there was a mass exodus of people from Goa to erstwhile Bombay as people found better opportunity in the city that connected them to the rest of the world. But he compared how Goans lost the plot in their own state with mining closure. “The three verticals Goa offers to the world is tourism, was mining, iron ore and man power. But however there is an imbalance in the three. Many people depended on mining, nearly half the population, but Supreme Court banned mining not because of people but because it was exploited to the core. No one actually had sense of ownership.”

If Goans want back mining then they need to first become responsible and come together as a community and take account of how much to utilise and how much to save for the future, which is also important.

During the lecture Prahlad recalled how his relationship began with Goa. He said that it all started when he was working with director Shyam Benegal on the film ‘Bhumika’ and was shooting at the Visconde de Pernem house. “I heard that this land was all about sun, sand and susegad which were somewhat true. So, we stayed at Pernem at the Visconde home which was huge and the nights were creepy as it brought up all ghostly stories that have full moon night, curtain blowing and sort of things but this made my stay fun and enjoyable in Goa.”

Another thing that connects Prahlad to Goa is his first home that he owned which is situated at Betim. “Through instalments I paid for my first home and it was in Goa. Who doesn’t want a home in Goa and this place is special to me. My son stays there and that is how I have 30 years of attachment to this place. I keep coming back here and that is how I have analysed the changing aspects of Goa.”

He thinks Goans have taken this place for granted while the outsiders are keenly looking to make Goa their home. “Before it is late Goa needs to know what it wants or else it will become like Bombay where no one cares for what is happening and no one is ready to do anything. Even the Mumbaikars who are there are not originally from Mumbai they are from other states. This is something that should not happen to Goa,” he added.

As an advertising and marketing expert he called upon the youngsters to look at failure as an opportunity and not as a loss. “I have seen in my career that people are afraid to fail. They are not attempting because they fear failure. They should be ready to try and fail as many times as possible it is only then they will learn and move ahead in life,” he said.

At the end of the session he showed ad films which were made differently in the past and had a message and strategy which was used to grab the attention of the audience.

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