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TAG to remember tiatr artistes of yesteryears

Tiatr Academy of Goa’s special programme, ‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’ will be held on Tuesday, May 29 at Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 4.30 p.m. Late Tiatr artistes born in May will be remembered whilst highlighting their contribution in the field of tiatr.

Ermelin Cardoz

Ermelina began her career as a film actress at the age of 17. She acted in over 40 films produced by India’s well known film producers like Prithviraj Kapoor and was a popular name in the Silent films on the Indian Screen. She was brought on the tiatr stage by her husband Saib Rocha. She not only acted in the tiatrs of Saib Rocha but also in tiatrs produced and directed by other versatile tiatr directors like A R Souza Ferrao who cast her in his tiatr ‘Almam Sorgar Vetat’.

Cruz Jazzwala

Cruz Jazzwala, at the age of 12 was composing songs and also taught village boys and girls to act in Khells and Zagors. In 1921, he came to Bombay to pursue his further studies. At this time he got an opportunity to present his own play at the Goan Institute Hall. Thereafter, late J P Souzalin introduced Cruz in one of his tiatrs. Soon Cruz started getting offers from all the stalwarts of tiatr like Saib Rocha, Anthony D’Sa, Souza Ferrao, Minguel Rod, etc. Another exemplary quality which Cruz possessed was composing Goan folk songs (Mandos and Dulpods). Cruz recorded his mandos on HMV Records which became so popular that some of his mandos are still being sung today.

Mossulini Vales de Menezes

Mossulini Menezes was not only a playwright and tiatr artiste but also a renowned freedom fighter of Goa. Born on May 8, 1924, Mossulini hailed from Tivim, Bardez. He was also a social worker and had love for education. Some of his famous tiatrs are ‘Raoji Rane’, ‘Padrichem Bondd’ and ‘Martyr de Cuncolim’. Since he was a freedom fighter, his tiatrs were basically influenced by the freedom movement.

Santiago Pereira

Born on May 22, 1912 at Cottombi in Quepem Taluka, Santiago learnt to play the violin, saxophone, bass, trumpet and clarinet from parochial school and joined the famous band of Domingos Mestri. Inspired by Khadda Minguel’s khells, he started training young village boys in khells for Carnaval at the age of 17. People used to appreciate his direction and compositions so much that he was in demand in other villages also.

Kamat de Assolna

Kamat de Assolna was probably the most educated tiatrist of his time. He was a born singer. His melodious voice was liked by all tiatr audiences. He reached a level that his entry for a song on the stage was received with a thunderous applause and a still bigger applause at the end of the song. Such was the depth of his compositions. Kamat did not just remain a singer, but soon started acting and took up key roles. Because of his good looks, directors offered him the hero’s role which he played with full confidence. He has sung many songs on HMV Records which are broadcast on All India Radio regularly. He also wrote and staged many tiatrs like ‘Maim Ho Guneanv Tuzo’, ‘Votlaim Toxem Bhor’, ‘Dothik Lagon’ and ‘Mhozo Khuris’.

Barnabe Saluzinho D’Costa

Hailing from Chinchinnim, Salcete, Barnabe Saluzinho D’Costa was born on May 27, 1929. He was a member of the troupe Young Stars of Goa. He was a fine actor, composer and singer. He brushed shoulders with stalwarts of tiatr like Jacinto Vaz and others.

Rio Rosa

Rio Rosa stepped on Konkani tiatr stage at a very young age in the tiatr of J P Souzalin. He also acted in tiatrs of other stalwarts of Konkani stage like Young Mendes, Alfred Rose and C Alvares. He staged many tiatrs in Mumbai including ‘Sotenas’. He was a fine composer and a singer. He has also contributed to Goan folklore. ‘Dis Ravleam Mezun’ and ‘Kharvi’ are his famous mando and folk songs. He has also produced an album ‘Zaunchim Nhoi Doxim’.

Francis Xavier Menses

Francis Xavier Mendes was popularly known as Xavier on the tiatr stage. His first experience in acting came at a tender age of 5 in a village tiatr in Juhu (Bombay). He was an active member of the Mendes Brothers trio that delighted the audience with their comedy, songs and acting. Some of the big hits of the Mendes Brothers trio are ‘Maddona’, ‘Cabret’, ‘Kasaiwalla’, ‘Liquor Aunty’, ‘Khapurlem’, ‘Izdo’, ‘Amchi Mai’, etc. Xavier was also known for his mimicry which was well received by the audience. Much later, his sister Teresa joined them in singing ‘Gheun Nachota’ in Chris Perry’s tiatr ‘Nouro Mozo Deuchar’ which can be heard till today on the radio.

Xavier  performed in ‘Fulam ani Kantte’ by Prem Kumar as a crippled man and was awarded best supporting actor; Rico Rod’s ‘Zhogzhogta Tem Bhangar Nhoi’, Bab Peter’s ‘Konn Nhoi Konnacho’, Aristides Dias’ ‘Divorce’ (Bombay), Robin Vaz’s ‘Domnic Savio’. He also performed for late C Alvares.

(‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’ will be held on Tuesday, May 29 at Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 4.30 p.m. Open to all)

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