Friday , 24 May 2019

Tachea Huskean Jiye

Teotonio D’Costa has released his new tiatre ‘Tachea Huskean Jiye’. The narrative of this tiatr examines the collapse in family values, particularly when parents go overseas to earn and leave their children behind in the care of ageing grandparents.

Elvira and Minguel are an elderly couple who are still very much in love. They look after each other with great devotion but they miss their sons and their families. One son and his family have settled in the States while the other is busy amassing wealth in London with his wife and two children. The old parents request their son based in London to send his children to Goa for a holiday.

The grandchildren Aaron and Liza come for a holiday and begin enjoying their time Goa. They meet Saffi, a migrant who runs a kiosk near their house but has other illegal sources of income. The migrant introduces them to flea markets and other evils. John and Prema, who have an omelette ‘gadda’ next to the house, help the old couple and also care for the children. In all their misadventures, Aaron contracts a serious disease and is dying slowly. His parents come to Goa but does it help?

Watch this show for a realistic view of the problems faced by many families who have been affected by the craze of earning in pounds and dollars.

Teotonio has directed the script in a deft manner. The acting is good, the costumes are just right and the set has been used well. Light effects by Jaison are timely as the tiatr requires area lighting.

There is some decent humour and a variety of songs. Sheron plays her role well and is very convincing. Famila is the haughty granddaughter who later realises her folly. Princewell plays the grandson who is afflicted by the disease – watch him as he suffers and repents. Anthony Lacerda supports the play as the grandfather while Devanand Naik plays the plotting migrant in style. Arifa Mascarenhas with Lino Fernandes and Peter Fernandes create moments of good humour. The last act with the three of them is a laughter riot.

Felix Furtado, Cynthia Fernandes, Anyv Fernandes, Apocino Mascarenhas, Francisca Travasso, Sabina Fernandes and Francisca Fernandes have minor but important roles. Macroy Rodrigues leads the band. The opening song is a choral rendered by Aleyka-Movin, Victoria-Princewell and Hazel-Teotonio. There are other songs by Victoria, Hazel, Peter, Alfredo, Piewina, Fiona and Anvy. Solos by Aleyka, Princewell and Teotonio, a duet by Arif and Hazel, and a trio by Felix-Alfred-Anthony are a stand out.