Monday , 18 February 2019

Surla bar owners to be heard before revocation of licences




Although residents of Surla village in Sattari taluka are looking for quick action on their demand to shut down bars in the village permanently, excise commissioner Amit Satija on Friday said that the bar operators will be given a chance to plead their case before a decision is taken on the matter.

Satija said that the Surla villagers’ memorandum for cancellation of licences of bars and liquor sale outlets is under consideration. “Before arriving at a decision, we will be hearing the viewpoint of licence holders, as the State excise Act has a provision for a hearing before revoking the licence,” he said.

Satija said that the report from the village panchayat is being examined to provide a solution to the Surla villagers.

On August 20, the Dongurli-Thane village panchayat in Sattari revoked all eight NOCs (no-objection certificates) of liquor bars in Surla village and submitted the compliance report to the excise department. Prior to that, the Surla villagers had presented a memorandum to the excise department asking for

permanent cancellation of all liquor licences in the village.

Residents of Surla village are protesting from July 8 against the sale of liquor in their village. The villagers have threatened agitation if bars are allowed to operate. Currently, there is a prohibitory order on sale and consumption of liquor in the village. The order has been issued by the District Collector (North) and is in force until September 20.

Residents of the village have vowed to make Surla liquor-free due to the menace of alcoholic visitors from the neighbouring state of Karnataka and tourists along the Belagavi-Goa highway. The demand is for permanent closure of all the eight bars and shops selling liquor in the village.

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