Suhana Khan to make her film debut with an English project


Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, performed in a short film directed by one of her classmates recently, and a poster and title for the film have been shared online. The short film is called ‘The Grey Part of Blue’, and the film’s director, Theodore Gimeno, has shared the first poster on Instagram.

The poster shows a heavily filtered picture of Suhana, and the film’s title in bold yellow letters at the bottom. Suhana was an active participant in the theatre scene at college. She is expected to join the film industry after completing an acting course.

Earlier, pictures from the sets of the short film also appeared online. They showed Suhana shooting inside a car, which was surrounded by a green screen. Another picture, shared on one of her fan clubs, showed Suhana framed for a shot on the screen of a camera.

Suhana was ‘introduced’ to the world in a lavish spread for Vogue India, which was heavily criticised online, because a certain section of the readership felt that she hadn’t achieved anything of worth to be featured on the cover of such a magazine. She had spoken about moving away in the interview. “Moving away at age 16 was the best decision of my life. Living in a different environment and meeting so many new people helped me gain a lot of confidence. It’s about being able to do the little things, like walk on the street or take the train—stuff that was so hard to do in Mumbai.”

Shah Rukh, meanwhile, had spoken about his kids’ acting careers in an interview and had said, “If Aryan decides to be an actor, it will only be an honour for him to work with directors of that calibre. Aryan is studying to be a filmmaker and a writer, while Suhana wants to be an actor. But even if he wants to be a filmmaker, he needs to study for another five to six years. Similarly, Suhana should learn acting for another three to four years if she wants to be an actor. I know many of my industry friends feel my kids should start acting [in films] tomorrow. But it’s my belief that they shouldn’t start acting [in movies] yet.”

(HT Media)