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Suchita Narvekar: Crafting plays inspired by real life events

Playwright and actor Suchita Narvekar will receive Yuva Srujan Puraskar. As a recipient of this honour, NT BUZZ speaks to Suchita and finds out what she feels about her award and her journey as a playwright


Playwright and theatre actor, Suchita Narvekar has been declared as a recipient of the Yuva Srujan Puraskar by Department of Art and Culture, Government of Goa. Overjoyed, Suchita expresses her happiness while she also goes on to say she never intended to write plays to win an award. “I wrote dramas or acted in them for my satisfaction. I never intended to work for an award but simply continued my work in the field of theatre as my passion,” says Suchita.

Applicants have to apply for the award, penning down all their contributions in the area of art and culture. The jury then selects the awardees according to the contribution and works of applicants. Suchita says that it was Kala Chetana, Volvoi, a Goan theatre troupe that filled up an application for her. She has been part of this troupe as an actor since 2000, but began writing plays very recently.

Yuva Srujan Puraskar is not Suchita’s first achievement. In 2015 she received the ‘Yuva Chaitanya Award’ from Goa Konkani Akademi, while in 2016 she was recipient of Kashinath Mahale Yuva Puraskar for her contribution to theatre.

As a child, Suchita acted in various children plays and was part of theatre troupe ‘Hans Natya Theatre’. Here, she improvised on her acting skills. Soon, Suchita and other theatre enthusiasts formed a group Creative Theatre for children and youth. This troupe would carry their sets and props at various locations and would perform their plays. In 2000, Suchita moved ahead to grab an opportunity with Kala Chetana troupe Volvoi and since then has continued her journey in theatre.

Kala Chetana gave Suchita the experience to work on a semi-professional stage. She says: “At that time, I was pursuing polytechnic in interior decoration. Following this I completed Journalism and began working for a Konkani newspaper Sunaparant, where I got hands-on experience in writing Konkani using simple, easy words to communicate.”

Subsequently, Suchita went on to become a radio jockey RJ and programming head at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. A job that requires the voice to be in perfect condition, she had to sacrifice on the acting front and do roles which didn’t need her to strain her voice. She realised the importance of this aspect after she acted in a Konkani play ‘O Bai’. “O Bai is the Konkani adaptation of Marathi play ‘O Fulrani’, which in turn is an adaptation of renowned English play, ‘Pygmalion’. I was offered a role which required me to be loud and forceful in this play, thus it began to affect my voice to a level that I was almost on the verge of quitting my career in radio. Thus, I had to compromise in theatre.”

However, her intrinsic passion for dramas remained alive. She says that not being part of theatre frustrated her and forced her to start writing dramas instead of acting in them. “I was fond of writing and translating different short plays, monologues, etc, in Konkani. It was also the problem with my voice for which I had to compromise that I realised that I am not satisfied without being an active part in theatre industry, hence I began writing plays.”

Suchita’s first Konkani play ‘Shortcut’ in 2012 helped her gain confidence as a writer. After ‘Shortcut’, she came up with ‘Ankwar Company’, ‘Kama Purto Mama’, ‘Dhanachakkar’, ‘Pappa Eke Pappa’, ‘Artyak Parte’, and ‘Ata Mhaji Satakli’. Suchita considers writing in Konkani very natural and free flowing since she can express herself fluently in her mother tongue.

Suchita is now an entrepreneur who owns a beauty and slimming centre ‘Relooking’ at Taleigao. “I got trained in France and brought all my machineries from there. This phase of my life is teaching me many new things. My customers at my centre share their stories with me, and in a way I get inspired to write stories for my plays,” she says, revealing that all incidents in her plays are inspired by the real life happenings.

Suchita is all set to release a new play in September. However, being a multi talented personality in Goa, fondly known as Suchi, concluding with some valuable advice, she says: “Always do what you like for your satisfaction without any expectations because expectations can never be met. I worked hard without any expectation. Don’t be an empty vessel that just makes noise.”

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