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Students of Goa Home Science interact with special children


Third year students of the department of Human Development’s field trip was about getting an insight into the everyday life of special children. As part of the paper on exceptional children, students travelled to south Goa and spent a few hours at the Gujrati Samaj Special School, Margao. They also visited Disha School for Special Children, Panaji with the primary purpose of experiencing what it would be like to teach and work with special children. They were accompanied by assistant professor, Human Development, Larissa Rodrigues and principal,
Goa College of Home Science,
Mahesh Pai.
Each institute took the students on a tour of classrooms and vocational centres, explaining the age, ability and basic methods used to educate children with special needs. Students said they felt touched on seeing the genuine, warm smiles of the children and the enthusiasm of teachers who patiently educate the children individually and in groups. Students got a chance to interact with children who were mentally challenged, visually impaired, hearing impaired, learning disabled, those suffering from cerebral palsy, and those with major health impairments. They also had conversations with psychologists, counsellors, vocational trainers, and physiotherapists in the schools and learned about their motivation to enter this field, their struggles in coping with everyday challenges, and their satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that they have made a difference in someone’s life.

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