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Students of DBCE devise machine to clean Goan beaches


With the idea to eliminate and keep the sand on Goan beaches clean, thereby reducing the time and cost of cleaning, final year mechanical engineering students of Don Bosco College of Engineering, Margao successfully developed and tested a prototype ‘Beach Sand Cleaning Machine’.

The project team comprises Kaygun Pereira, Vallon Dsilva, Mark Ferrao, Selvin Pereira and Akshay Phadte and guide professor Suraj Marathe. Explaining how the idea of this project was born, team leader Kaygun says that most of the group members care about the environment, its changes and want to keep the environment clean. “Presently I think there is no beach cleaning machine in Goa. The beaches in Goa are mostly cleaned using manual labour which is time consuming. So we thought of making an alternate source of cleaning beaches to reduce time,” he adds.

The project that is designed to keep the beach sand clean and free from unwanted litter from plastic to glass bottles and tins runs on a simple mechanism. The machine lifts the waste debris from the sand and disposes the same into the hopper. A motor runs the rake which rotates and collects the waste debris from the sand. As the machine is placed on the sand, the waste debris on the sand is lifted by the rake, moved to a conveyor and raised upwards. As the waste reaches the upper extreme position it gets dropped into the hopper. The machine is pulled by a four wheel drive vehicle. Hence this results in the cleaning of the beach surface and safe collection of waste debris on the sand.

Their target customer is the tourism department or any top hotels, though they haven’t planned on marketing the project yet. When asked about their plans to market the device outside Goa, Kaygun says that right now they have planned this project for Goa as it is the top tourism destination in India and a lot of tourists visit Goan beaches. “To keep Goa’s beaches clean and boost more tourism we planned this project for Goa,” he says.

Speaking about the challenges while doing the project, Kaygun says that at first they had planned to make it automated but monetary restraints and the uneven surface of the beach were the main problems. He adds: “We had even filled a form for sponsorship but we dint get any reply from the government department.”

Their project cost them `20000 and was completed in four months which included designing and fabricating. Kaygun and Vallon were in charge of the design while Mark, Selvin and Akshay were in charge of the fabrication process.



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