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‘Strike’ strikes at TAG’s 7th Popular Tiatr Competition

‘Strike’ strikes at TAG’s 7th Popular Tiatr Competition

The 7th Popular Tiatr Competition that was organised by the Tiatr Academy Goa in collaboration with Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco saw the tiatr- Strike, which has been written and directed by comedian Agostinho, win first place, while tiatrs like ‘Renver Bandlelem Ghor’ by Mario Menezes and comedian Domnic’s ‘Bhogos Mhaka’ won second and third place respectively.
Awards were presented by chief guest and MLA, Benjamin Silva; guest of honour and chairman of Ravindra Bhavan Vasco, Shekar Khadapkar and university professor, the TISCH School of Arts, New York University, Richard Schechner among other dignitaries present at the award ceremony on February 4 at Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco. The competition was judged by tiatr personalities namely Remedios Fernandes (Remmie), Cezar D’Mello and Avinash Chari. Prizes of the 6th Children’s Tiatr Festival were also presented on the occasion.
Chairman of organising committee, TAG, Premanand Lotlikar welcomed guests while Benjamin Silva congratulated winners and participants and lauded children for their exceptional talents. He further said that such competitions help artistes overcome stage fright and bring out hidden talents. Silva also suggested TAG to revive one act plays and hold such programmes especially during village feasts in order to give children an opportunity to develop their talent. Shekar Khadapkar thanked TAG for organising the Popular Tiatr Competition in Vasco for the first time as it gave people from in and around Vasco a chance to witness tiatrs at the festival.
A musical programme comprising of professional tiatr artistes namely Marcus Vaz, Benny de Aldona, comedian Bryan, comedian Richard and some winners of the 6th Children’s Tiatr Festival entertained the audience with their lively songs on the occasion.

The following are the winners
Best Direction
1st Place: Agostinho
Temudo – ‘Strike’
2nd Place: Mario Menezes – ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
3rd Place: Domingos Coelho – ‘Bhogos Mhaka’
Best Lyrics
1st Place: Xavier Gomes, Song: ‘Haddam Mon’xachim’, Tiatr: ‘Kallem Mazor’
2nd Place: Pascoal Rodrigues, Song: ‘Magnnem, Upas, Dhan’, Tiatr: ‘Builder-2’
Best Script
1st Place: Tiatr: ‘Sot Khoim Asa’ by Ives Tavares
2nd Place: Tiatr: ‘Soccorina’ by Menino Fernandes
Best Actor Male
1st Place: Pradeep Naik (Jose), Tiatr: ‘Strike’
2nd Place: Joe Rose (Moises), Tiatr: ‘Soccorina’
Best Actor Female
1st Place: Jessica Vaz (Alina), Tiatr: ‘Hantrunn Polleun Payem Sodd’
2nd Place: Dorothy Mascarenhas (Maria), Tiatr: ‘Strike’
Best Comedian Male
John D’Silva (Filmantlo Kolakar), Tiatr: ‘Munne’
Best Comedian Female – Joana Fernandes (Timai), Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
Best Up-coming Artiste Male: Francisco Fernandes (Put), Tiatr: ‘Sot Khoim Asa?’
Female: Valencia Estibeiro (Valencia), Tiatr: ‘Tourism Minister’
Best Actor in Negative Role
Male: Caziton Fernandes (Bhaskar Chari), Tiatr: ‘Tourism Minister’
Female: Angela Moraes (Brizor), Tiatr: ‘Soccorina’
Best Child Artiste
Female: Sera Carvalho (Sera), Tiatr: ‘Kallem Mazor’
Best Stage Setting
Thomas Barboza, Tiatr: ‘Sot Khoim Asa?’
Best Light Effets
Ratnakant M. Salgaonkar, Tiatr: ‘Strike’
Best Music (Live Band)
Dexter Furtado, Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
Best Make-up
Joseph Dias, Tiatr: ‘Strike’
Best Costumes
Michelle D’Souza, Tiatr: ‘Tourism Minister’
Best Background Music
Wilbur, Tiatr: ‘Strike’
Best Singer Male
1st Place: Lawry Travasso, (Posko Put), Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
2nd Place: Edward Estibeiro (Cancer Specialist), Tiatr: ‘Sot Khoim Asa?’
Best Singer Female
1st Place: Rosy Alvares (Dr. Abdul Kalam), Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
2nd Place: Ancy Gonsalves (O Baby), Tiatr: ‘Builder – 2’
Best Child Singer
Male: Flannan Shalom Ferrao (Rebek Xiktai) Tiatr: ‘Hawaldar’
Female: Oshin Jonah Ferrao (Cheddum), Tiatr: ‘Hawaldar’
Best Duet Rosy Alvares / Lawry Travasso (Ghovachi Seva)
Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
Best Duo Sucorro de St. Cruz / Albert Cabral (Apol Kuslolo)
Tiatr: Munne
Best Trio Anil Pednekar / Olga Vaz / Alias Fernandes (Ekvott Sambhallat)
Tiatr: ‘Bhogos Mhaka’
Best Quartet
Antonio Barretto / Michael D’Souza/ Sally Mascarenhas / Joana Fernandes (Amchim Bhurgim) Tiatr: ‘Renver Bandlolem Ghor’
Best Choral Song
Michael Gracias / Constancio / Albino / Fr. Eusico (Kuttumba Kuttumb Za) Tiatr: ‘Builder – 2’
Best Comedy Kantar
Domingos Coelho / Luis Coelho (Vokol)
Tiatr: ‘Bhogos Mhaka’

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