Monday , 25 March 2019
Stories of a pause

Stories of a pause


Photographer Harsh Kamat’s first solo photo exhibition ‘Story of a Pause’ was inaugurated at the hands of chief guest Yolanda de Sousa at Art Gallery, Kala Academy.

Speaking on the occasion Kamat revealed the reason for choosing the title ‘Story of a Pause’ and said: “While I was busy making money and my life, I realised that I was not giving time to family, friends or the people around me. I was busy and never paused. That’s when I realised I need to do something and that’s when my work for the exhibition began.”

Appealing to the Kala Academy authorities for not maintaining the art space, Harsh said that the authorities need to have proper infrastructure and maintain the place as there are several exhibitions and artists coming to showcase their creativity and talents.

The exhibition of 50 photographs covered different aspects of daily life and was curated by Sandeep Murgaonkar.

Yolanda de Sousa spoke about how youngsters today need to come out of their cocoon and create a beautiful environment for themselves as well as for others.

She then shared an instance when she met Harsh for the first time. “I met Harsh some years ago for an exhibition called ‘Thousand Smiles’. He was showing me his work there and there was that spark in him. Whenever I see him now that image of the boy with a smile and confidence comes to me,” said Yolanda appreciating Harsh for working towards his dream.

Art critic, Naguesh Rao Sardessai said: “Harsh and I are connected on social media and that is how I would observe his work. I was sure that he was not only a photographer but much more than that. When he spoke to me about his exhibition and I saw his work, it had completely improved in a span of 10 years. That is when I realised that he is a story teller. His works touched my heart.”

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