Stop Reservations And Encourage Merit System


In the recent winter session of Parliament, reservation for jobs and in educational institutions for economically weaker citizens belonging to the general category has been cleared, which is a retrograde step. Now we in India have reservations for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes as well as the general category. Such type of protectionist measures lead only to mediocrity, as students who work hard to excel in studies through merit are sidelined. What should have been done instead was to facilitate economically backward classes and the general category to obtain admissions in high-quality schools and encourage merit-based education. Tuition fees could have been paid by the government, even personalised tuition fees could have been subsidised. If private and personalised tuition is encouraged, many unemployed teachers can be self-employed and disseminate knowledge thus improving the quality of students and thus the workforce. Merit is the only way to improve the standard of education as well as lead to creation of a competitive and meritorious regimen. It has been noticed that meritorious students leave the country and seek employment in countries such as America, Britain, European Union countries, Australia, Canada as well as the middle eastern countries with the result that brain drain is leading to mediocre levels of workforce in India. The one important aspect that education may not impart is that students should be convinced to use their common sense in tackling what normally is not imparted in schools and colleges. A subject, which may be called as ‘logical reasoning’ should be introduced at the school and college levels. Everyone is endowed with logical reasoning and many a time, this fundamental aspect in life is ignored. If a student is good at his or her studies and has sound logical reasoning, it is a double advantage that can lead to success in both, personal life as well as career.

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