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Steering the public in a scientific direction

Twenty-nine-year-old doctor Priyanka Joshi was listed in British Vogue as one of 25 most influential women working in Britain in 2018, on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Science and Healthcare Europe 2018, Hind Rattan Award (for the year 2019).

Joshi is passionate about natural sciences, being curious about the world and its inhabitants, identifying patterns in human biology, in particular the molecular processes occurring in the brain and how they change in response to the environment. She is also very passionate about making the general public interested and enthusiastic about the possibilities of the scientific method of inquiry in day-to-day life.

As almost all of us strive to achieve the best education, jobs, money, and social status towards a better quality of life. For Joshi that’s what we are taught from the moment we are born, or at least from the moment we begin to explore and understand the world around us. “Collectively all these would suggest growth in a society, and so our actions are expected to achieve only this growth for ourselves,” she adds.

However, Joshi feels that as responsible members of society a real change contributing towards the parameters of this growth will only come when we first treat each other equally with respect. She says: “A society that gives all its members the opportunity to make an informed choice; a society that is more tolerant; a society that is more kind, empathetic, sensitive and respectful towards inclusivity and a society that allows and encourages its young and old to keep their sense of wonder intact – this is the kind of change I would like to bring about.”

In the future she wants to bring science outreach to children, dance, and theatre.

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