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Startup Yatra to spread message in colleges, says Abhyankar




At the startup portal of the government under the Goa Startup Mission about 21 startups have registered so far, said secretary IT, Ameya Abhyankar on Friday.

He said that, the government is keen that local startups come on the online platform to be included in the incentive schemes provided under the state Startup Policy unveiled on April 28 2018.

Abhyankar, said that several of the existing startup units in the state are in the ideating stage and the IT department is eager that units that are incorporated and functioning register on the portal.

He added that, the department will soon launch a Startup Yatra in colleges to take the startup message to the youth.

Abhyankar spoke post a panel discussion on innovation at a CII-Goa seminar. He said that, the 14 schemes unveiled in the Startup Policy are in consultation with stakeholders and will energise local IT entrepreneurs in a big way. Other panelists at the discussion were Sriram Natarajan, director, Mobio Diagnostics and Tirthaprasad Nagvekar, Adec Technologies. The discussion was moderated by Lalit Saraswat, vice chairperson, CII- Goa.

Nagvekar, pointed out that, research is the base of innovation while Natarajan said that, innovators should act on their ideas to be successful in business.

The seminar ARISE was on accountability, reforms, innovation, sustainability and employment. The seminar was in sessions with industrialists such as Kirit Maganlal, Magsons; Shrinivas Dempo, chairperson, Dempo Group of Industries; Bharat Kamat, director, Kamat Infra Tech; Shekhar Mittal, chairperson CII-Goa; Wilfried Theissen, managing director,  Putzmeister; Blaise Costabir, Zarhak Moulders, participating in the various sessions.

From the government side, Prassanna Karthik, OSD to Chief Minister and Abhyankar, were the representatives.

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