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Starting a blog that matters

Starting a blog that matters

Blogging is not just a hobby but can be turned into a profitable career given the right desire, ability and creativity. Keeping this in mind, The Navhind Times Planet J will organise a workshop on blogging on February 25. Open to those above 16 years of age, the workshop will be held at Dempo House, Panaji. In conversation with NT KURIOCITY, resource person for the workshop, founder of Androcid and chairman of the IT committee at Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prajyot Mainkar tells us more.

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For some people writing can be very cathartic, celebrities included. From Aamir Khan to Prince Harry and from travelling to Scientology, blogging has never been bigger. It helps not just in electing presidents and bringing down people in high positions but also in celebrating the triviality of our everyday obsessions; be it technology, politics, food, culture, religion or any other subject that you can think of.

Blogging initially involved a personal web log, in which a person would journal about their day. From ‘web log’ came the term ‘blog.’ Like most new innovations on the internet, many entrepreneurs saw a marketing potential in having a blog, and blogging took off from there. Not only can a blog be used for marketing, but it can also be a home business in itself.

“Blogging allows you to be amongst the 1 per cent of people who publish their content compared to the 99 per cent who just have an opinion about a topic. It helps you to stand out,” explains Prajyot as he expounds the benefits of blogging. “Besides this you can share your views with people across the globe and have a global audience,” he adds. The other perks of blogging according to him include developing relations with potential and existing readers, connecting with the global market especially for business users and earning money from home. “Not just this, blogging is also a platform to tell your story and establish authority about specific topics. What I mean is that people will start trusting you for the content against a context.”

The half-day workshop will benefit not just those new to the field but also those who want to take their blogs one step further. Taking your words to the masses, understanding the importance of blogging, tips for successful blogging and starting your own blog in less than two minutes, is the itinerary of the workshop.

Detailing the requirements of starting your own blog, Prajyot says: “First and foremost you need to know what to write on; the topic and then how to be consistent. You need to decide what you love the most and see if you have enough content to share with the public. To be a successful blogger, you have to like creating content. If you don’t like writing or otherwise recording ideas to share with other people, blogging will not be very easy.” Another point he highlights is, understanding keywords and content strategy. “It is not just about writing but being content aware. Content is the king but distribution is the queen. Reaching out to as many people as possible should be the goal and this we will decipher in the workshop by ways to promote your blog,” he explains.

Asked the difference between a blog and a website, Prajyot explains, “Blog is a potential website but the difference is, the theme of writing. A website is a generic term that can be used for any online presence; it could be a shopping site or gift site. Whereas a blog is a portal that allows you to publish content on a regular basis; whether it’s a mommy blog in which a mother shares adventures in parenting or a business providing updates to its services. Blog can also be part of a website, where one can share interesting and useful content. The blog enables the owners to interact with the other users and the discussions that they have together can be potentially unending. I would say a blog provides a dimension to content.”

The uninitiated believe starting your own blog requires one to be tech-savvy but Prajyot clears this misunderstanding and says: “Not at all. One just needs to be passionate about the ‘passion’ they have and once they figure that out, publishing the content is simple work. Most often, users spend a great deal of time thinking what to write about. Blogging is not just a hobby but a deep passion. Bloggers have the potential to change the world consciousness. For me, they are influencers. The toughest past about blogging is ‘being consistent’. Being occasional bloggers is not the blogger’s way. You need to be consistent with your write up and the content should be quality content which people can relate to and share to build on virally.”

With its ever growing popularity and increase in the number of users, blogging over time has become a mainstream career. “Blogging has now diversified into several different kinds such as Video Blogging – which is gaining popularity too,” adds Prajyot.

Blogging is popular because it works as a marketing tool and makes money but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before starting a blog as a means to make money or to promote your existing business, there are a few considerations says Prajyot. “Blogging requires a great deal of time. For blogs to be effective and engaging, it needs to be updated regularly. There are literally thousands of blogs on the internet that have been started and then deserted halfway or haven’t been updated for a long time. The success of blogging comes from having people return, and they only return when there’s new stuff to read. That means generating content at least several times a week or very regularly, which takes time.”

Idea generation is another problem but today there are guest writers that can be invited or you can hire freelancers to keep the blog fresh and interesting. “The pay-off too isn’t always immediate. Blogging is a time-consuming exercise and can be very frustrating as it takes time to build up a readership and momentum,” he adds.

The blogging scene in Goa, according to Prajyot is not fully developed but he is hopeful as the community is slowly and steadily growing. “With this workshop we hope that there will be more bloggers on the scene soon,” he says as he signs off.

To apply for the workshop, log on to and fill in the form. Last date for application is February 18.


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