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Start healthy to stay healthy

Deepika Rathod

Everything in life happens for a reason and being healthy is no exception to the rule. Unless you have a really solid reason to start you won’t be able to stay committed and follow through with your health goals. People come to me after they get their routine blood work done and when the reports are all over the place they think of starting a healthy lifestyle. But should we really wait till we get our reports in our hand, with complications? Let’s start healthy to stay healthy.

Below are a few tips that everyone can follow to make a change:

Start your day with oil pulling if possible as it reduces all the bad bacteria from mouth and helps build immunity. After that have a glass of warm lemon water to keep the body alkaline and start your day fresh.

Walking is great exercise as it is easy and doesn’t require any high end equipment. This reduces stress and improves sleep quality too. Try and target around eight thousand to ten thousand steps on a daily basis to stay active throughout the day. For example: Use the stairs instead of the lift, park your car away and walk to office or any other place, walk when you are talking on phone, etc.

Eating less is always good for health, that doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself. Focus on chewing the food well. Once you start working on this lifestyle change you’ll automatically notice that your portion size has started to reduce and you won’t feel bloated. Be mindful and start chewing your food well.

The mind should be concentrated only on one particular thing while sleeping and eating. Avoid watching TV; using mobile phones and laptops for at least one hour before sleeping and even when you are eating. All these things divert the mind from its sole function – that is from digestion and getting the body ready to sleep – and can cause many issues like insomnia, indigestion, gas and bloating issues, etc.

Avoid drinking water during our immediately after meals as it can dilute the digestive juices and cause indigestion. A gap of a minimum 30 minutes should be maintained.

Over exercising, over-speaking, overwork, over-the-counter drugs are not good. We all know anything in excess can be hazardous for life.

Follow these tips and do let me know if anything worked for you. All the best for a healthy start!!

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