Saturday , 19 January 2019
St Anthony’s survive Cuncolim scare to enter final

St Anthony’s survive Cuncolim scare to enter final




St Anthony’s SC, Assolda entered the final of 22nd Dando Boys Cup football tournament defeating Cuncolim Union 4-2 via the tie breaker played at St John the Baptist grounds, Benaulim on Monday.

The teams played a 1-1 draw during the regulation time.

St Anthony’s went into the lead in the 50th minute of the second session when striker Mario Fernandes raced down the right flank and after dodging two rival defenders, deftly placed the ball to the far end of the nets.

The match then began to tilt in favour of Cuncolim Union who began to harass the rival defenders time and often with dangerous forays. However, the St.anthony’s keeper brought off some spectacular saves.

After sustained pressure against the Assolda lads, Cuncolim levelled the score in the 60th minute when Trijoy Dias bulged the nets.

As the team were involved in a dead-lock, the tie breaker system had to be adopted to decide the winnners where St Anthony’s SC proved to be the better shooters, scoring accurately through Socoro Fernandes, Joaquim Carvalho and Mario Fernandes. Cuncolim Union could find the mark only through Trijoy Dias and Micky Fernandes.

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