Commonwealth Chess Championship: Bhakti, Rajaryan on 4 points

PANAJI: After the end of 5th round at the Commonwealth Chess Championship, being held in Chennai, Goa Carbon Brand Ambassador and WGM Bhakti Kulkarni and Rajaryan Kuvelkar have moved to 4 points.

Bhakti held IM Ashwin Jayram (2488) of Tamil Nadu for a draw in the 4th round and defeated Arjun K (1955) of Kerala in round 5. Rajaryan Kuvelkar defeated Ashwin U (1960) of Tamil Nadu in round 4 and Atul Dahale (2123) of Maharashtra in round 5. Ritviz Parab is on 3.5 points, while WIM Ivana Furtado, Anirudh Bhat, Rishubh Naik, Cyrus Pereira, Rohan Ahuja and CM Nitish Belurkar are on 3 points. Riya Savant and Ameya Audi are on 2.5 points.