Sunday , 24 March 2019
Snap! Shoot! Pixels!

Snap! Shoot! Pixels!

The students of Don Bosco College, Panaji will now be able to learn photography in the campus with the setting up of its first photography club ‘PIXELS’ to be inaugurated soon.  NT KURIOCITY gets more details


Every college has different clubs formed as part of extra-curricular activities to bring out the hidden talent of its students. Don Bosco College (DBC), Panaji has now set up a photography club offering students freelance opportunities and advertising so that they can learn the ropes of the business if they are really interested in making a career out of the hobby.

Speaking about freelance opportunities it would mean that if there is an event and someone needs a photographer to capture moments then as a club they will give opportunities to the members to take up that shoot. This will cost give the young photographer a chance to earn a little and also those who are learners, can accompany the main photographer as assistants and get hands-on experience.

President of the photography club, Swapnil Samad says: “There are students who are interested in photography, not just the students of Mass Communication but from other departments too. This is the first time the college is hosting a photography club. The idea was presented by students, and people associated with the art are really excited and looking forward to it.” He adds that students who are interested in designing and modeling will also get exposure because they will be involved with the photo production and post production.

When asked if clubs like photography and film help in the overall development of a student apart from those that focus on academics, Swapnil says that these clubs help because there are some students who just don’t watch a movie for entertainment but they admire the art of it and are interested in the making of films and such clubs help bring out that potential in them.

Today everyone wants to capture memories, and in such a scenario Swapnil feels that clubs help in sharpening ones photography skills. “Such platforms do help in improving skills; people won’t just click for the sake of clicking pictures but will click to provide something of quality,” he adds.

The club hasn’t set any criteria for joining as they wanted it to be open to all who are interested in photography, really want to improve their skills and want to go ahead in the field. As far as activities are concerned the photography club will have photo walks, workshops, discussions, and exhibitions. Currently over 50 students have signed up for the membership of the club.

The club will be inaugurated on August 27.

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