Tuesday , 21 August 2018
Smartphone with four camera setup unveiled
P Sanjeev, vice president, sales, Huawei Consumer Business Group and Ajay Yadav, VP - smartphones, Flipkart launching the Honor 9i in Goa.

Smartphone with four camera setup unveiled

The Honor9i unveiled in Goa is sure to make photography enthusiasts happy due to its four-camera set up, reports Bhiva P Parab


Bolstering its product portfolio in the Indian market, Chinese company, Huawei launched its latest Honor 9i smart phone recently. It was a pan-India launch but the official unveiling took place in Goa. The model delivers  features and functionality including an intuitive and powerful four-camera set up,  a vibrant  display and smart design. Photography enthusiasts can rejoice as Honor9i ups the ante with four-camera set up.

The company choose Goa for the launch of the phone because the launch date coincided with their third anniversary and the first and second anniversary was spent in Goa. “This is the first time we did a launch outside Delhi,” said P Sanjeev, vice president, sales, Huawei Consumer Business. He said that, Honour models are aimed at the young people.

Every month there are one million youngsters turning 18 years of age, there are 320 million young people between the age of 10 to 24 years of age and 45 percent of India is less than 35 years of age and they are all upgrading themselves. It means a growing market based on increasing consumer demand.

“The product is within the range of Rs 15,000- Rs 20,000. The phone will attract consumers who purchase their products offline since the offline segment is very strong in some places. We wanted to make this phone available to consumers for Diwali hence we chose to partner with Flipkart as they line themselves very well for the festival,” he said.

According to Sanjeev, “Huawei and Honor together is number two globally.” When asked about the revenue numbers, the company is looking at, he said that, a revenue target has not been set as yet.

As per a global smart phone report, Honor is among the top three in the world. But in India, the brand faces stiff competition from other brands. “We would like to be the top three brands in India and don’t know how fast we can get there. We do not want to make mistakes nor rush into things by creating a over hype. Our strategy is to develop the market slowly by pushing Honor as an aspiration brand,” said Sanjeev.

“We are here to give good products, communicate to the right people and keep building our base. Our aspiration is to get 10 percent market share and to achieve that we will be targeting the market segment by segment.”

For marketing the company has reached out to around 30,000 shops and distributors. It is currently present all across India in more than 300 cities and towns. “We don’t have dedicated stores. We are putting our money in service. We have picked up 17 locations and built exclusive service centres. If you go by global smart phone report almost half of the business comes from the metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. We have invested and built our own exclusive services centres which are of the same standards found globally. We have also created a high-care app which is also available on Android and recently we tried something called ‘Book Your Appointment’ and the responses were good. Customers book their appointment before approaching the service centre. We also have 250 authorised service centres in the country,” he pointed out.

The vice president also said that, in terms of service network the company is invested “looking ahead.”  It is a huge cost but worth it because very few complaints come in from customers.  “We want to build a strong connect for consumers. There is no easy way for us to be successful here, we are focussing on making the pillars strong by launching the right product at right price, focusing on the consumer and building it up.” The launch of the Honor 9i in Goa was a closely guarded secret as it is the first four-camera smart phone. The pricing is kept purposefully low in India to attract consumers. “We are showing our love to the consumers by enabling them to buy the most premium products at affordable pricing,” said Sanjeev.

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