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Singing Siblings – Peviolla and Wilma Dias

Singing Siblings – Peviolla and Wilma Dias

J P Pereira

Singing is in their blood. Their parents Violet and Menino Dias are singers and encouraged the two girls to perform. When they come on stage, whether solo or together, the audience has a great response for these two sisters. Peviolla and Wilma Dias from Loutulim have been performing for Konkani ‘tiatr’, musical shows, weddings, parties, christenings and other functions where music and singing is appreciated. They also sing for the band ‘Music Wave’, rendering English and Hindi songs with flair, as well as various choirs for functions in the church. They have been going at it for the last few years in a professional capacity.

During their school days at the Saviour of The World High School, Loutulim, with help from their teachers, Joyce and Queency, the girls would entertain their classmates, teachers and the parents with rendition of songs. Later the same continued all through college. They then got their big chance to perform before a larger audience. Wilma rendered a solo for ‘Amkam Bhogos Saiba’ a ‘tiatr’ produced by Salu Fernandes and soon Peviolla joined the younger sister in ‘Goa 2030’ a ‘tiatr’ produced by Agnelo de Borim. The audience loved them. Soon they were regulars in Agnelo’s other shows, entries at the Kala Academy Tiatr Competitions. ‘Daiz’, ‘Ek Aslo Ghorabo’, ‘Altoddcho Sad’ and ‘Akhaddo’, won them accolades from the audience, for their fine blend of voices and quality of the songs.

Recently the girls have been performing solos and duets with other artistes as well. Comedian Sally’s ‘Tumi Konnank Zai’, Cruz Pinto’s ‘Kaideachem vo Faideachem’, Ives Tavares ‘Fott Uloinaka, Sot Uloi’, Jr. Reagan’s ‘Happy Easter’, ‘Giddh 2’ and two others produced by Valencio Vaz. Besides these there were ‘Tiatr’ produced by Menino de Bandar and Comedian Jaison. They have lent their voices to audio albums produced by Seby Fernandes, Avi Braganza, Franky Gonsalves, Gavin Dias and Annie Quadros. Veteran C D’Silva had them perform, for his musical show in Delhi.

Winners of trophies and appreciation at the ‘Goencho Avaz’ singing competitions, the sisters have won more prizes at competitions organized by the Tiatr Academy of Goa. From 2015 to 2017 they have bagged prizes for solos and duos (singing together). Besides these, there have been prizes for duets, trios and choral renditions at other competitions, including ‘Kantaranchem Daiz’.

The two sisters have now joined hands to write lyrics and set them to music. They have composed over 15 songs and have performed these. Their songs like ‘Bhangarachem Goa’, ‘Gitam Gaumia’, ‘Ostori’, ‘Vell’, ‘Voi To Khoro Mog’, ‘Devacho Mog’ and all the others have been loved by the audience. The sisters have thus decided to release their audio album very soon.

The young ladies have the talent and sing well. They have received good support from the audience. The applause is always big and one can see that they are indeed loved by their listeners. They are grateful to God for this gift. They are grateful to their parents, audience, the individuals, the musicians, writers, tiatr directors and choir masters who gave them the opportunity to sing, encouraged their performances and helped them out in any way. The two live with their parents in Loutulim along with Vinmark, their younger brother. They say they want to keep singing and rock the audience.


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