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Singing praises

Alongside , another ceramic exhibition will also open at the gallery on January 17.  Titled ‘In Praise’, it seeks to give great women in history, the honour they deserve

‘In Praise’, a series of ceramic works by artists Reyaz Badaruddin and Elodie Alexandre was created after pondering on the theme of the lingam (a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva).

The duo who is currently doing an art residency at the Cube Gallery, and the gallery owner, artist Sonny Singh had suggested that they create pieces based on the lingam as a form.

“While reflecting on the theme of the lingam (a symbol of the male energy), it was very apparent that it cannot be represented without the yoni (which symbolises the female energy). However in its visual representation, it’s the lingam that tends to occupy all the attention. We wanted to create something that would restore balance, something that would put the female energy forward,” says Badaruddin. And thus, the duo came up with the idea of using the lingam to create a tribute to different women in Indian history, whose contribution or achievement has been overlooked or forgotten.

“In any patriarchal society, it is mostly men who write history, pushing women to the side in the story telling. But these women have achieved great things in a range of different fields: music, aviation, science, spirituality, etc,” says Badaruddin, who has collaborated with Alexandre for the first time in the art context. The duo (Badaruddin hails from India while Alexandre is originally from France), who mostly work in clay at their ceramic centre in Himachal Pradesh, are excited to display their first exhibition in Goa.

The series comprises of 10 pieces and will be on exhibition from January 17 at the Cube Gallery, Moira. Each one of the pieces is a porcelain cylinder which is made in homage to a woman, sitting on a base made in red clay.

Porcelain has been used as it is a noble material. The sepia tones of the text and drawings, with their fading quality, recall the fragility of memory, while the ‘trophies’ are given height by standing on pedestals made in red clay, a material which symbolises grounding and humility.

In fact, inspired by the topic of the collaboration Alexandre, as part of the residency, is also working on a series of ink drawings.

Entitled ‘In Memoriam’, the ten drawings mirror the ceramic pieces using a different aesthetic, focusing on bringing more information forward.

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