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After producing devotional music albums ‘Sasai’ and ‘Damodar Tuzho Damodar Mhazho’ dedicated to Lord Damodar, music producer and composer Sidhanath Buyao is all set to launch his third music album ‘Re Damodara’ dedicated to Lord Damodar on July 24 at Damodar Mantap at Shree Damodar temple, Zambaulim. In a conversation with NT BUZZ, Sidhanath expresses his devotion towards Lord Dambab, and shares more details about ‘Re Damodara’

Sidhanath’s ‘Re Damodara’ to release on July 24



Goa’s noted music producer and composer Sidhanath Buyao is known for his music albums that range from devotional songs and patriotic songs to love songs. Now Sidhanath is all geared up for his new devotional music album, ‘Re Damodara’ that will be released on July 24 at Shree Damodar temple at Zambaulim at 8.30 p.m. After ‘Sasai’ and ‘Damodar Tuzho Damodar Mhazho’, ‘Re Damodara’ is his third music album dedicated to Lord Damodar and his 19th album.

There are 12 music tracks in ‘Re Damodara’. Most of them are bhajans, bhakti sangeet and abhang. The songs are written by lyricists late Shrinivas Caculo, late Ulhas Buyao, Gopal Caculo, Nandan Hegde Desai, Shridhar Kamat, Saiesh Palondikar, John Aguiar, Sanjay Borkar, Suraj Pinge, and Damodar (Damu) Naik.

Sidhanath says, “Actually, the creation of this album began with a devotional song penned by late Shrinivas Caculo. Shridhar Kamat who was close friends with Shrinivas Caculo, was aware that I compose devotional music albums and that previously I have composed music albums dedicated to Lord Dambab. Shrinivas had written one abhang titled ‘Naman Tuka Damodara’ and his friend Shridhar suggested him to pass it on to me. When I received this song, I composed music for the same and decided to launch a new music album.”

He goes on to say that many Goan singers came forward to be part of this music album, “Besides renowned singers like Ajit Kadkade and Swapnil Bandodkar; Akshay Naik, Gautami Hede Bambolkar, Sandesh Naik and Laxman Naik have sung the tracks in this album.” Sidhanath has sung two devotional songs in this album.

He further mentions that the album is titled as ‘Re Damodara’ because of its title song. “There is one devotional song in this album that is titled as ‘Re Damodara’. It is written by former vice chairman of Ravindra Bhavan (Margao) Shridhar Kamat. Actually the song has just three sentences, but it is very melodious and catchy. That’s the reason I titled the album on the basis of this title song,” says Sidhanath.

All songs in the album are based on Hindustani classical ragas. Moreover, Sidhanath has utilised the concept of ‘Ragamala’ for one song in this album. “Ragamala is when one song is composed using three to four ragas. Normally, only one raga is used for one song. Although music for all the songs is composed using Hindustani classical ragas, the song is composed using ‘Ragamala’ concept,” Sidhanath says.

Apparently, initially, there were total of 11 tracks in this album. One more track was added after a devotional song was penned by Damu Naik. Talking about the last addition to the album he says, “When I went through his abhang, I noticed that each part of abhang had varied subjects in music ragas. So, I made use of four ragas namely Puriya Dhanashri, Bhairav, Bageshree and Kafi for his song.” Sidhanath mentions that all the tracks in his album are based on different ragas, and that there is no repetition of ragas in more than one track.

Sidhanath further mentions that it is the first time that he has composed an ‘aarti’ song for Lord Damodar. Written by Nandan Hegde Desai the track is both, devotional and musical. He says, “I am also happy that we have included one Konkani ‘gajar’ dedicated to Lord Damodar. Before this, no one has composed a ‘gajar’ in Konkani and it feels great to create one.”

Expressing his devotion towards Lord Dambab, Sidhanath mentions that he creates music album dedicated to Lord Dambab purely out of devotion and not to earn profits through it. “Sale for my previous two albums ‘Sasai’ in 2009 and ‘Damodar Tuzho Damodar Mhazho’ in 2016 were good, but I launch these albums not to make profit but out of devotion. Dambab is my ‘kuldev’ and I have strong devotion towards him.”

“Last time, ‘Damodar Tuzho Damodar Mhazho’ was created within a month and was released on the last Monday of Shravan as per the Hindu calendar. However, this time he started working on this album from April. Devasthan committee at Zambaulim, ‘Shree Ramnath Damodar Saunsthan Zambaulim’ suggested that he release the album on the first Monday of Shravan, July 24, as many devotees visit the temple during the month of Shravan. “Releasing it on the first Monday will definitely reach the music album to more devotees of Lord Dambab,” he states.

Sidhanath expresses that it certainly feels pleasant when one hears his creativity being played. “When my songs are played in the temple or elsewhere, it feels good that my creativity is heard by people. Secondly, it feels really rewarding when you hear someone sing the tracks,” he says.

The album will be released in CD format, while Sidhanath also plans to release it in pen drive format. He says that the music album will be available on iTunes as well on his radio website for the convenience of public.

As Sidhanath concludes, he says, “I compose these albums piously for the devotees of Lord Dambab. Until Zambaulim Devasthan committee supports me to release them, I will do it!”


(Music album ‘Re Damodara’ will be launched on July 24 at Shree Damodar temple, Zambaulim at 8.30 p.m.)


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