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Showcasing Goa at 45th IFFI

This year, a total of three Goan films have been selected under the Goa Section of the 45th International Film Festival of India. These three Goan filmmakers have dealt with topics as diverse as child abuse, dual citizenship to search for identity. NT BUZZ brings you more on these films


Every time the annual International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa comes along, discussions begin over how Goan films and filmmakers find no representation at this prestigious film festival. Therefore, during the 44th IFFI, a special screening category – Goan Film category – was formed under which five Goans films were screened.

That was last year. This year, at the 45th IFFI three films from Goa have been selected. These are two short films – ‘Paklo’ by Aftab Khan Farooqui, ‘Niragas’ by Ashish Nagvenkar under CRG (Children’s Rights Goa), and a feature film ‘In Search of Mother’ by Ramprasad Adpaikar.

The movies were selected by a jury out of a total of seven films. These movies will be screened under the Goa section at the 45th IFFI, Goa.


The English/Konkani film Paklo, written and directed by Aftab Khan Farooqui and produced by Nalini Sousa under the banner of Lotus Film & TV Production, deal with the migration issue, Portuguese passport and dual citizenship. The film is dedicated to the former chief minister, Manohar Parrikar.

“We have dedicated this film to Parrikar as he recently migrated to Delhi for the betterment of Goa, just like some of the Goans, who are migrating to foreign countries for their family’s betterment”, says Aftab, who likes to describe his film as a docu-drama given that it is facts represented through fiction.

“This movie is about migration and losing our identity as Goans. Through this movie we want not only Goans, but the world audience to understand this issue. Every year 9000 applications are received from Goans for the Portuguese passport. But, at the same time, I want to say that it is a very neutral film”, says Aftab.

(This film tells the story of a young man raised in a village, who wishes to leave India and move to Europe. His journey through the government offices in Goa and onto the streets of the world is portrayed through the colour and humour of India in areas of Goa that seem like the shadow of beautiful Portugal. The film takes the face of a mind opening documentary told through the life of this young ambitious Goan man. It will be screened on November 22 at Inox screen IV at 7.45 p.m. Its duration is 37 minutes. Bollywood actor and model, Gauhar Khan will open this film.)





Jojo D’Souza, producer of the Konkani feature film ‘In Search of Mother’, a story of a girl searching for her biological mother, says: “This is the first time we have made a feature film. Earlier we had made a film titled ‘Sin’, which was screened at the Short Film Center at IFFI, 2010 and at the Pune Film Festival and Kerala Film Festival.”

Jojo, who is trained in filmmaking, conducts classes in filmmaking. During one of these classes he came across Ramprasad Adpaikar, a talented student, who has written and edited the film ‘In Search of Mother’. “When you like something then you just go with the flow”, says Adpaikar about the various aspects of filmmaking.

The film has been partly sponsored by the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) under their film finance scheme. “The total budget of the movie is around ` 18 lakh and the ESG gave us ` 5.67 lakh. It is good that the government is supporting such initiatives. Even for the recording we took the help of the Directorate of Art and Culture. We need more relaxation when it comes to bank guarantee. When we get money from ESG we have to give a bank guarantee in the form of a fixed deposit. We receive payment only after we have given this and till then we have to struggle for finance. In this light, it would be better if ESG would reduce the guarantee amount or give filmmakers some other form of relaxation.”

While speaking about challenges faced during making the film in Konkani Adpaikar says, “Konkani, unlike Marathi, is not very rich in vocabulary, because of which we used expressing in this language difficult.”



Niragas is a movie with a strong social message. It speaks about pressing issue of child abuse. The film is produced by Children’s Rights Goa (CRG) and has been screened at various schools in Goa. “This is a proud moment for us that our film is selected for IFFI 2014. We need to take it to all people around and not just the IFFI audience. We have already had more than 50 screenings of this film in various schools in Goa. We want to have a commercial release of this film, if we get a sponsor for the same”, says director of the film, Ashish Nagvekar.


(This 48-minute movie creatively speaks about the sensitive issue of how a teenage girl falls prey to sexual abuse. The movie also speaks about the role of the police, NGOs and various other support systems in order to tackle this menace. The main role of child actor is performed by Apeksha Kamat, along with another child artist Rucha Prabhudesai and around 60 students of the theatre group of the People’s High School, Panaji.  It will be screened on November 22 at Inox screen IV after the screening of ‘Paklo’ which is at 7.45 p.m.)

On the topic of filmmaking in Goa Jojo maintains that there is a need for a film training institute in Goa. “We need to have a centrally located institute. Additionally, I believe, the Master Classes held during IFFI also play an important role in giving filmmakers the right exposure to filmmaking”, Jojo adds.


(An adopted girl – Analise, seeks the help of Rahul, a guy she meets online, to help her find her biological mother. Is he really helping her or is it just a ploy to extract money from her? Rahul is known to be a loafer, a waster and a prankster. But Analise knows nothing about him and he is her only hope. It will be screened on November 21 at 11.45 a.m. at Inox screen IV)

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