‘Short supply of raw water to Assonora plant cause of the problem’


Mapusa: Accepting that the water problem exists in Mapusa, the MLA Joshua D’Souza said that “the problem is caused due to the inadequate supply of raw water to the Assonora water treatment plant, and as a result the water supply is affected. Mapusa used to receive around 15MLD of water, but now, we are  receiving 7MLD or 8MLD or 9MLD of water as the water treatment plant is generating an output of 40 MLD of water, which is supplied to seven constituencies.”

“Not only Mapusa, but the entire Bardez taluka is facing the water problem. The problem is more in Mapusa due to the elevation. Compared to other areas, Mapusa and Porvorim are more affected while the other areas get some supply as they are low-lying areas,” added D’Souza.

He further said that the people are agitated due to the water problem, and the government needs to have an alternative plan in place on how to deal with such a situation as we cannot keep the people without the water supply.

“I have spoken to the Chief Minister yesterday, and he is working on an alternative plan to make sure that the problem is resolved,” he added.