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Seven super bikers do the super cruise

Goa’s Super Biker’s Club completed a cross border road trip with their super bikes recently, reports Abdulla Khan

Goans are warming up to the sport of long distance biking trips. Seven biking enthusiasts of the Super Bikers Club recently rode to neighboring countries with a message of peace. 

Sayyed Zaheer Abbas (Ducati 1200cc), Ganesh Nagvenkar (BMW 1200GS), Siddesh Raikar (BMW rally 1200GS) Anish Karangatey (1200GSA BMW), Gaurav Pai Dukle (Kawasaki Verses), Raguvgir (Triumph Tiger) and Sayyad Sarfaraz (Kawasaki Verses) covered approximately 5000kms one way on the trip.

The group covered around 600 km in one day on highways and 300km on bad patches. They rode on all kinds of terrain include four lane highways, the famous Agra- Lucknow six lane expressway, on windy ghats and mud roads. Before setting they prepared themselves mentally and physically and did lot of research on the routes which they would be crossing. Their passion of riding did not stop them even on bad muddy roads and harsh climate in the northern parts of India.

The group of seven started on March 14 from Goa and rode on all terrain for 15 days continuously crossing through Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and entered into Nepal. While from Nepal the group again entered India and took an entry to Bhutan.

Long distance road trips are regular for the club and once in a year trips are usually with some social cause.  Last year the group travelled to Chingmai, Bangkok, Thailand. While, this time the ride was with message of peace and good relations between neighbouring countries.

Narrating his experiences, the group member and vice- chairperson of Valpoi Municipal Council, Sayyad Sarfaraz said, “We went through different hurdles like once we lost a bike key for which we travelled back around 20 kms and found it. There were other problems like few breakdowns, tyre punctures, change of brake pads, chain issues but with everything it was a new learning experience crossing the international borders”.

Meanwhile, Zaheer Abbas said, “The ride was truly amazing. The best part of the ride for me was the challenge to climb the tiger nest which is around nine km both ways on a steep slope mountain and I am glad I achieved that goal”.

Gaurav Pai Dukle said, “The feeling of crossing international borders was like real time excitement”.  Siddesh Raikar  while sharing his experiences on international roads said, “International rides are totally different than what we ride here in our country as it requires getting adjusted to the new traffic rules. In fact Bhutan was really a well-disciplined country in terms of traffic rules and it was an opportunity to learn for all of us”.

Ganesh Nagvenkar , added that, every biker must go for one international ride every year. “India is unsafe for bike rides, especially with animals popping in all of a sudden,” he explained.

Highlighting on the message that the group wished to convey, Sarfraz said “For me the best part of the ride was interacting with people and sharing our love and excitement with our neighbours.” He said that, roads off course were thrilling and the mountains taught a lot.

“We reached back to a place named Siliguri in West Bengal on March 29 and from there we came by flight by putting our bikes in a trailer,” said one of the group members.

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