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Serendipity Arts Festival – creating a mélange of the arts

Serendipity Arts Trust, a Munjal initiative for the promotion of creativity and imagination in arts and culture, is scheduled to organise the Serendipity Arts Festival. The event has promised to be India’s premier, curated, interdisciplinary arts festival, held in the Goa from December 16 to 23, 2016. The Festival aims to encourage the evolving arts community, promote a culture of patronage and create value for the arts, thus ensuring India’s place in the global cultural dialogue.
Serendipity Arts Festival will serve as an inclusive and collaborative platform for the promotion of arts and culture from the subcontinent on an international level. It aims to be a catalyst across the arts, to create an immersive experience shaped by the creative needs, aspirations and potential of contemporary India. The Festival hopes to cultivate and elevate the budding artistic community, promote a culture of patronage and create value for the arts. It aims to be the premier showcase for interdisciplinary events and projects that start conversations across art forms while being a springboard for young Indians to explore the arts.
Serendipity Arts Festival is touted to be the first of its kind in India to celebrate the diversity in art with a special focus on music, dance, theatre, crafts, visual arts, and culinary arts. The Festival aims to bind and promote art and culture that is unique to the various geographies in the sub-continent, on a single collaborative platform. An intensive, program of exhibitions and performances spanning these disciplines will be augmented by spaces for social and educational engagement. To make the platform accessible, majority of the programmes will be free and require only a basic registration.
The programming will be dispersed across a mix of indoor and outdoor locations such as Adil Shah Palace, Arts Maidan, Mandovi Promenade, Kala Academy, Art Courtyard, and Performance Park along Panaji’s waterfront.
Audiences will get to engage with the arts in beautiful, carefully designed and often, unconventional, settings. Most venues will be within walking distance of each other and the Festival will provide transit/shuttle options. The event is expected to attract artists, performers, writers, journalists, academics, collectors, enthusiasts and others engaged with the arts community, both within and outside the country to the sunny state of Goa for the cause of art.
Festival director, Preeta Singh speaking about the event said: “We understand the eminent need to break the conventional compartmentalisation of art in India, wherein every discipline is evolving in isolation. Through this festival we aim to bring together all these disciplines on one collaborative platform to achieve even bigger creative outcomes. We are celebrating diversity in art with a special focus on visual, performing and culinary arts, each of which will be led by artists with distinct backgrounds.”
The curatorial body of the festival has people who are prominent in the various field of art. These include the likes of visiting professor at the Center for the Study for World Religions, Harvard University Jyotindra Jain; vice-president of World Crafts Council Asia-Pacific Region Manjari Nirula; co-founder of the Delhi Photo Festival Dinesh Khanna; photojournalist Prashant Panjiar; co-founder of the Kochi Biennale Foundation Riyas Komu, and poet and cultural theorist Ranjit Hoskote. Apart from these, the team curating the section of performing arts includes director of Seher, Sanjeev Bhargava; dancer, Tanusree Sankar; music director Ranjit Barot; Indian classical singer Shubha Mudgal; theatre personalities, Anuradha Kapur and Lillete Dubey.
All the curators have been selected with an aim to start conversations and exchange across artistic styles, generations, and geographies. Culinary arts workshops, lectures, conclaves, and a host of pedagogical platforms will be held to create opportunities for learning.

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