Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Scope for smart villages in India

Bhasker Bhandare

Today India is going digital and there has been an increase in the use of technology over the last three years. This is a positive sign of India’s development and progress to cope with the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a mission to make a new India of the 21st century by 2022 as it is the year in which India will complete 75 years of independence. All of us have seen on how a small country like Israel has successfully made a barren desert into a rich cultivableland using a technology called drip irrigation. It also purifies the sea water and supplies it across the country as Israel does not have any river. This is not it the sea on which Israel is dependent on for water is called the Dead Sea and it is drying up fast. Israel is constantly trying to save this sea from drying up with the help of technology.

I feel it’s worth taking a lesson from this. Now it’s very obvious that some people might say our country has all the favourable conditions for cultivation. If our country has everything available then why are farmers facing draught in some parts of our country? Why does cultivation get destroyed due to unsuitable climatic conditions? And the most important question is why are farmers committing suicide even today? The answer to all these questions is right in front of us. As we know our country has more villages and the people living in rural areas contribute more to farming than people living in cities, what if we apply technology in villages and convert these traditional villages into tradmord villages. The term tradmord stands for traditional modern villages where tradition and technology will go with hand in hand. In each of these villages crop research centres can be setup for developing new variety of seeds that would result in higher production. Drip irrigation can be used on a much larger scale than what is being used today. Rain water harvesting can be implemented almost everywhere in the village and that water can then be used as a reserve whenever there is scarcity of water. Smart crop management system that has been developed by final year students of PCCE can be installed across every field in the village which will make the farmer knowledgeable about the soil quality and crop health, it will also give information about which crop is to be cultivated in which climatic condition and about the current suitable conditions to grow a particular crop. Better internet connectivity must be made available so farmers can conveniently sell their crop at national agriculture market.

In my opinion if we implement these above technologies and build smart villages across the country then it will not only help increase the production of rich crops but will also help increase the standard of living for every farmer in the country. This can motivate more people especially youngsters to adapt to farming which will bring prosperity to our country.


(Writer is an IT engineering student at PCCE, Verna)

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