Monday , 25 June 2018

SC order: survey to consider all outlets selling liquor

PANAJI: The taluka-level survey undertaken by the Goa government on the number of liquor shops in the state to be affected by the Supreme Court order is on track, said a senior source in the excise department on Thursday.

He said that the excise department is not going into the interpretation of the apex court order and whether it is applicable to bars and restaurants.

“At this juncture, we are examining all liquor licences to determine the licence holders located along the highways. The survey findings will be submitted to the government (chief secretary), who can take a decision on interpretation,” he said.

Stakeholders in the liquor industry are hoping that the apex court order is applicable only to the liquor shops and not the bars and restaurants that serve liquor in their premises.

The apex court order directs closure of liquor vends within 500 metres of the national and state highways in order to control the number of road accidents caused due to drunk driving.

Refusing to interpret the apex court order, the excise department sources said “the apex court stricture will be implemented in letter and spirit.”

The taluka-level survey commenced on Wednesday and is simultaneously being carried out in all areas across the state. The survey team comprises eight members from different departments including mamlatdar, talathi, PWD, excise, land survey, panchayat, etc.

Of the 11,000 liquor licence holders, around 2,000 will be affected by the apex court order, according to estimates by the excise department. However, the numbers could be more as per stakeholders in the liquor industry.

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