Thursday , 14 November 2019
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Soon after he was asked to quit cabinet, Goa Forward Party president Vijai Sardesai on Saturday held a gathering at the place where former chief minister Manohar Parrikar was cremated at Miramar.

Sawant destroying Parrikar’s legacy, says an upset Vijai



Goa Forward Party (GFP) president and former deputy chief minister Vijai Sardesai on Saturday accused Chief Minister Pramod Sawant of attempting to destroy the legacy of former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar by dropping BJP’s ally from cabinet to induct ten Congress MLAs into the party.

He termed the ongoing developments a political rape of Goa and said BJP is promoting the “aaya ram, gaya ram” culture by backstabbing its allies and inducting Congress MLAs into the party.

Addressing a gathering along with Goa Forward Party MLAs Vinod Palyekar and Jayesh Salgaonkar and an Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte at Parrikar’s cremation site, Sardesai said BJP has cheated and backstabbed its allies who were instrumental in forming government in 2017 as well as soon after the death of Parrikar.

“We will now play the role of a watchdog and see that all the policies and decisions taken are in the interest of Goans. We are not disappointed with such action. On the contrary, I am overjoyed that my two MLAs will now get the real hand on actual vocal legislature. We will not make any attempt to destabilise the government but we will also not support this government,” Sardesai said.

The GFP leader said, “Parrikar died twice, once on March 17 physically, while today it is the death of his political legacy. We will not allow the government to finish Parrikar’s legacy.”

“Two days before Parrikar died, I had gone to meet him and I asked him what was in his mind regarding the future. While replying, he was bleeding from his lungs. Manohar Parrikar asked me to support the government for the full term of five years, whether he is there or not. And this is the only reason I supported the BJP. I was even offered chief minister’s post by the opposition, but I stood by my word,” Sardesai said.

Comparing Parrikar to Soviet dictator Stalin, Sardesai said, “When Stalin died in Russia, there was a period under Khruschev called de-Stalinisation, when Stalin’s legacy was undone. This is going on in Goa.”

“The central leadership of the BJP lacked courage to ask me to resign and I wanted to see which central BJP leader had the moral authority to ask me to resign from the government,” Sardesai went on to claim and said that he did not receive any communication from the central leaders of BJP regarding their removal from the cabinet. “This is backstabbing,” he said.

Porvorim MLA and former minister Rohan Khaunte, who has also been dropped from the cabinet, said that BJP, which claims to be a party with a difference, has shown that it is actually different from others by stooping so low to circumvent democracy.

Goa Forward Party MLA Jayesh Salgaonkar came down heavily on BJP for inducting Congress MLAs and said it is a tight slap on each and every BJP worker. He denied that he was an arrogant minister. “I think to refer to me as an arrogant minister one will have to redefine the meaning of the word.”

Goa Forward Party MLA Vinod Palyekar also challenged the government to implement a complete ban on LED light fishing and bull trawling. He said that this could not be possible in the last two and half years.

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