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Savvy about our environment

The award ceremony of Goa Environmental Film Festival 2018 was held recently. There were two categories: schools and colleges at State level and individual category at National level. NT KURIOCITY spoke to the winners from each category to know more about their short films


With the aim of spreading environmental awareness and inspire an understanding of the environment through the films, the Entertainment Society of Goa in association with Kala Kirti organised Goa Environmental Film Festival 2018. At the festival’s award ceremony that was held recently, the first place and cash prize of `10,000 in the college category was won by Prarthana Kaushik of Parvatibai Chowgule of Arts and Science for the movie ‘Goal’; in the school category the first place and cash prize of `10,000 was awarded to Sahil Betigiri of Sharda Mandir School for the movie ‘Synthetic’; and in the individual category the first place and cash prize of `30000 was awarded to Team Solkadi Films for the movie ‘Where are we headed to?’.

The festival’s goal was to offer entertaining and educational films that leave attendees with increased awareness of environmental issues that we face locally and globally. The topic for the short films from schools and colleges category was ‘Beat the Plastic’ while that of the individual category was ‘Environment’.

Winners say


The team: Prarthana A Kaushik (Director), Rhugveda Desai (Editor), Hrishikesh Sane (Sound), Prajyota Yedvi (Director of Photography).

Cast: Shreyas Desai, Gajesh Bhat, Amol J, Rhugveda Desai, Sanika Khedekar and Vishan Korde.

‘Goal’ is a film that tries to put across a strong social message. It is about a boy who is stared at for throwing plastic on the road instead of a dustbin, and how the ‘stare’ leads him to do the right thing. Prarthana who directed and produced the film says: “Often we blame plastic to be a bad material polluting the environment. But if we pay close attention, we hold equal responsibility of this hazard. When we don’t throw plastic in the dustbin, it doesn’t get recycled. So I thought a ‘stare’, though a small act, can bring about a change.”

The duration of the film is 3.55 minutes and it was shot in a day. As this was their first stint in filmmaking they did face difficulties with editing or sound. Prarthana along with her friend Rhugveda who is the editor of Goal, attended a workshop conducted by Shree Mahalasa Productions Ponda (SMPP) and the skills they learnt there came in handy.

‘Goal’ is a result of teamwork. “Our film is a small contribution towards a clean environment. #StareIfYouCare,” says Prarthana.



The team: Written and directed by Sahil Betigeri and Gayatri Salkar, cinematography by Gayatridevi Tarcar, editing by Anoushka Gupta, music by Om and Gayatri, face art and voiceover by Sahil.

Cast: Om Khandeparkar and Rebecca Godinho as detectives; Gayatidevi Tarcar as a jogger; Sahil as plastic and Gayatri as victim.

Synthetic is a crime-thriller that revolves around the detrimental effects of plastic. This four-minute film is loosely based on real events; the hazards of plastic, its world-destroying impact and how we are responsible for it. Sahil says: “The film personifies plastic, caricaturing society’s view of him (plastic). Ultimately, they reach a conclusion – he isn’t responsible, we are,” adding that they had a brain storming session as a group and Om came up with the idea for a crime story.

The film took more than a week to complete with editing being the most time consuming task. Sahil says: “We had to make certain sacrifices, especially Gayatri, who had to lay in the salty beach water until the shot was completed.”


Where are we headed to?

Team Solkadi Films: Nitesh Tari, Gaurang Sawant, Saish Bodke, Tejas Naik, Yogesh Kumbhar, Dayesh Gaude, Tat Vishal Prabhu Desai and Sagar Gaude.

The film ‘Where are we headed to?’ has been conceptualised to reach out to the young and old and save Mother Nature. Explaining the idea behind the film, Sagar says: “Due to the constant advancement in science and technology, today humans have developed an inestimable list of wants. Self-indulgence has turned us blind towards Mother Nature and so we see a lot of destruction and we fail to realise that we are using our intelligence to destroy our existence.”

The film took weekends of hard work and passion. The team worked hard to create a solid base to create awareness on saving nature. As this short film is animated they were tech-dependent and that was a challenge.

The team works under the banner of ‘Solkadi Films’ and all members are from an art background, be it graphics, music or fine art. Although they are professionals from different fields their passion for filmmaking has brought them together.


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