Friday , 22 March 2019

Save Accident Victims

Noting that one fatality takes place every four minutes in road accidents in India Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants hospitals to provide cashless treatment to accident victims.Private hospitals do not take in accident victims without payment. A few years ago, there were incidents and violence and street protests against a private hospital in Kolkata that refused to admit an accident victim unless money was paid to them, causing the death of the person. Modi has not specified from where the money will come for the treatment of accident victims if they cannot afford it. Of course, private hospitals must have a more humane approach toward road accident victims and treat them as special cases and with sympathy. They cannot be ruthless and let someone bleed to death because there is no down payment or guarantee of payment. Charities can be roped in to create a fund to pay for the treatment of accident victims. Maybe the government should allot a part of toll tax for this purpose. Not all victims would need charity, of course. There may also be victims who have a mediclaim policy. Often people do not carry their mediclaim cards with them. It is highly advisable for everyone to carry their mediclaim cards so the hospital they go to can treat them without any concerns about payment.

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