Friday , 20 April 2018

Satellite markets along NHs on the anvil

PANAJI: To create a permanent facility to local farmers and artisans to sell their produce and wares, the  rural development department has planned to construct satellite markets along national highways in the state.

Coming out with this information on Thursday,  Minister for Rural Development Agency Jayesh Salgaonkar said  the department would  identify locations  along the NHs  to build satellite markets for local farmers, vendors and artisans so that they would get a permanent facility to sell their products.

There are several stretches along the NHs in the state like Verna, Goa Velha, Nuvem, Padi-Barcem, Gulem-Canacona where the  farmers and the vendors sell their  produce and other items  by sitting along the roadside.

Recently Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Town and Country Planning Minister Vijay Sardesai had announced  setting up of markets along the NH at Verna, Nuvem and other places for facilitating the  vendors to sell their products.

Salgaonkar told ‘The Navhind Times’  that the government has planned to  construct  satellite markets along the NHs so as to uphold its  commitment of  protecting  Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn.

“The proposal is at initial stage, and  will be finalised soon,” he said, adding that the RDA would  acquire  land for constructing  such markets.

The RDA Minister said the satellite markets would  help Goan farmers and other vendors sell their produce by sitting at a safe marketplace.

Salgaonkar made it clear that the proposed markets would  be exclusively for locals.

There will be a precondition:   a vendor  who would be allotted a stall would  not be able  to sublease it to other person.

The RDA would  come out with details about the proposal soon, he said.

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