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The Sankhali-Navelim road is in pathetic state with potholes developed everywhere

Sankhali-Navelim road in deplorable state

SANKHALI: The roads in Sankhali constituency are in a deplorable state and the hapless motorists are facing the brunt of such state of roads.

Though patch work was carried out on some of the battered stretches, rains have ensured that the potholes resurface again and, hence, there has been no relief for motorists over from the cumbersome commuting experience.

Commenting on such state of affairs, former MLA Pratap Gawas said that the government is not taking any steps to repair the roads, further citing that the stretch especially at Navelim junction was in a pathetic condition.

The road has developed gaping potholes that are filled with muddy water. This has given rise to freak mishaps especially involving two-wheeler riders.

Gawas said that around 600 student use the Navelim road on daily basis and, hence, it was important in view of safety of students to repair the stretch.

He appealed to the concerned MLA and the PWD to restore the road or else, he said, they should be prepared for an agitation along with students.

Digamber Naik from Maina-Navelim said that the government failed to take steps to repair the damaged roads before the rainy season. Now, with Ganesh festival approaching, he said, it will be even more difficult to commute.

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