Wednesday , 22 May 2019
Sal villagers irked over  irregular water supply
Sal villagers filling their pots with water as taps went dry during the Ganesh festival

Sal villagers irked over irregular water supply




Sal villagers from Bicholim are annoyed over the irregular supply of water during the Ganesh festival.

The villagers had to face a lot of hardship on the second day of the festival on Friday as taps went dry and people had to fetch water from wells and tankers.

According to villagers the situation has not improved despite approaching the Bicholim MLA Patnekar who visited the Assanora water treatment plant and instructed the officers to regularise water supply to Sal village.

Sarpanch Prakash Raut, Meghashyam Raut, Sandeep Raut and others have warned the government that if the situation arises again they would launch a morcha on the Assanora water treatment plant and stop water supply to Bardez taluka and other places.

Sandeep Raut said, “Water is pumped from the river at Sal village through the water pumping station and is supplied to Assanora water plant. But Sal village remains without water supply. Sal villagers are deprived from basic facilities of water and power supply on a regular basis”.

Sarpanch Prakash Raut said that the government has sanctioned a water treatment plant at Sal but no follow up work has been undertaken to fulfil the genuine demands of the people.

Meghsyam Raut supplied water to villagers from his farm on the Ganesh festival day. However he could not meet the demand for the whole village.

Engineer Chawan said that some technical problem had risen due to which water could not be supplied to the village. He said the problem is being rectified and the issue will be resolved soon.

Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar who inspected the Assanora water treatment plant questioned the officers over the technical problem. He instructed the officer in charge to take urgent steps for resuming water supply to Sal village.