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Ruckus over constructions in fields mars Parra gram sabha

PARRA: Ruckus over the issue of illegal structures allegedly constructed by migrants in fields marred the gram sabha of Parra panchayat held on Sunday at the panchayat hall. Police had to be called to resolve the issue which delayed the gram sabha as it had to be adjourned for some time.

Villagers accused the sarpanch of granting permissions to migrants to undertake constructions in the fields which have destroyed the pristine beauty of the village.

Earlier, the gram sabha was delayed due to lack of quorum but gradually there was a good turnout of villagers but later started with the secretary Rui Cardozo reading out the minutes of the previous gram sabha and then the budgetary provisions for the year 2019-2020.

After the budget was read out, the sarpanch Delilah Lobo said that a budget provision of around Rs 2 crore has been made for the construction of a new panchayat ghar, the foundation stone of which will be laid at the hands of GSIDC chairman Deepak Pauskar on Monday.

The issue of stray cattle was also discussed with the sarpanch telling the villagers that there was no place in Parra to build a cattle pound and villagers suggested to form a committee to deal with this issue.

A villager Casamiro D’cunha raised the issue of the electricity wires passing through the fields and asked the sarpanch as to what action has been taken. The sarpanch replied that she has written a letter to the BDO. She further said that the panchayat has not issued any NOC and the matter is sub-judice adding, “I cannot take any action as the matter is pending in the court.”

Another villager suggested to the sarpanch to convene a meeting with the district magistrate and North Goa collector over the issue. The sarpanch said that she will make a letter to the electricity department in this regard.

Former sarpanch Benedict D’Souza raised the issue of lack of parking space for locals as vehicles of a starred hotel are parked in the area. He questioned the sarpanch whether the hotel has obtained any permissions for parking. The sarpanch Delilah Lobo said that she will conduct an inspection and then take further course of action.

There were heated discussions between the villagers and the sarpanch over the illegal constructions coming up in the fields with the villagers accused the sarpanch of allowing migrants to construct in the fields and demanded that the structures be immediately demolished.

Villagers also demanded to de-notify the PDA for the village and to demolish all the structures constructed in the fields as shown on the ODP.

Trying to pacify the villagers, the sarpanch said that in the land use map there were only structures shown not fields and water bodies.

Explaining the process of demolition, the sarpanch said that before demolition, there is a personal hearing and then the panchayat has to put it up in a meeting and serve a fifteen-day notice to the party and only after they get a reply, they could go ahead with the demolition.

Benedict D’Souza also raised the issue of a septic tank of a prominent hotel in the village overflowing which could pose a health hazard and demanded action. The sarpanch assured to write a letter to the PHC.

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