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Reviving Goan games

Learn about logorio, taablaam, koinde baal, and more,
at the upcoming Games of Goa Festival


Soul Travelling in association with Dattaprasad Shetkar is organising Games of Goa Festival, a two day extravaganza of traditional Goan games on February 23 and 24 at SAG Grounds, Campal, Panaji.

“The games we played as children have been slowly forgotten. We plan to revive them and share them with friends, family and the next generation. These games were simple but provided ample exercise to mind and body,” said organiser, Dattaprasad Shetkar.

Varun Hegde, founder of Soul Travelling added that Games of Goa will be a platform for both, Goans and tourists alike to enjoy.

The event will have over 15 to 18 games, both indoor and outdoor, that were played in different parts of Goa. The venue will have dedicated spaces for each game. The volunteers aided by printed displays and how-to-play-the-game videos will help visitors.

People will learn and play games such as, logorio/ lobyo/ nokoryo, taablaam/ taabul fale, gud fale / gajre, tiktem, waagaani, koinde baal (gilli danda), bodyaani (Goan hopscotch), badyaani (sticks), vhiraani (broomsticks), gundyaani/ faatraani/ jhirkyo, mithaa khel / mith fale, khaambyaani (pillars), biyaani (cashew nuts), kovchyaani (bangle pieces), sune aani haad (dog and bone), vetaani, ringaani, combya zhuz (cock fight) etc.

The team has documented the games in terms of the rules of playing and is also busy doing video documentation to make it easy for first time players to learn the game and start playing.

Besides the games, there will be stalls with memorabilia like piradyachi bats (cricket bats made from coconut leaf stalk), gofins (catapult), aate (metal rings), tyres, fotaas, etc. Zhopale (swings), score cards, trivia and quiz, stalls of art toys, coconut leaf art, etc, will keep visitors engaged.

There will also be several stalls selling authentic Goan food and snacks along with musical performance areas where live music events will keep the visitors moving to the right tunes.

The event will also feature a Taablaam game competition in the afternoon on February 23, where eight teams will participate.

Goan singer and musician Varun Carvalho will be performing at the event and has composed the anthem song for the games, ‘Khell Goa Khell’. The festival also has a mascot ‘Piken’ which will be released soon.

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