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Reflections On Halt to Recruitments

IT is interesting to note that with immediate effect the government has kept in abeyance all recruitments to the different departments of all categories except those under the purview of GPSC and some contract-basis jobs. It has been clarified that the decision has been taken to facilitate smooth implementation of the VII Pay Commission recommendations to the existing staff and pensioners and to ensure that the new pay scales would not put additional burden on meeting the salaries of the new recruits. The other part of the story is that the said decision was taken factoring in assembly elections to be held around February-March 2017. The general feeling among the ruling party is that from the large number of aspirants appearing for the written tests and interviews only a handful of them will be recruited leaving the rest devastated with negative feeling for the ruling party while voting. None can deny that government recruitments in our times are politically motivated and are heavily relying on the impact it could have on the elections. After the elections, the selection of aspirants would be heavily weighed on who supported which party and so on. This is one of those maladies which defy any solution and things are not going to be any better with the passage of time. Having said that it would be prudent to suggest that the time is rife for conducting a thorough study to find out whether there is any state in India which has such high density of government jobs per unit population. It is worth ascertaining whether the staff particularly in the lower cadre is allotted sufficient work or they are busy whiling away their time and only relishing higher perks. It has become a fancy among the government employees to boast of having a government job, not only to enjoy the enhanced dearness allowances biannually and boosts arising out of decennial pay commissions, but also enjoying the environment of no work pressure compared to private companies. Will any government have the will to undertake such an exercise?

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