Rediscovering the world through photography

At the age of 67, a retired professional, Suvir Ahuja is all set to host his first photography exhibition on December 17 and December 18 at Kala Academy, that covers nature, life etc. NT BUZZ finds more


Suvir Ahuja has spent nearly 34 years as a professional. The IITian decided to hang his boots in 2008 when he was working with a leading camera manufacturing brand in Oman. It was here that he got fiddling with cameras and fell in love with photography.

Working for a camera company meant that he got the opportunity to attend workshops on cameras.

“After clicking pictures of all kinds, I would come back and discuss with my manager about the quality of the photo and the ways to improvise my skill,” he explains.

Fast forward to 2016, he went on to complete a photography course and since then, for the last 13 years his passion for photography has grown.

Photography to him today gives him a sense of achievement and satisfaction, especially when he has a lot of free time at hand.

Ahuja is all excited to hold his first exhibition from December 17 to December 18 at Kala Academy. The happy man says that life has suddenly become more exciting and that he is eager to try out many more things.

He is intentionally not titled his photo exhibition, for he believes that his photographs are diverse and that he falls short of an apt title thus.

“This exhibition captures the beauty of the world through mountains of Himalayas, beauty of flowers and animals from all over the world, enchanting sceneries of New Zealand, Australia etc,” he tells us.

A total of 100, A3 size prints and 10 large frames of four feet by 18 inches will be on display and will cover a section on reflections, a few of Rome and the Vatican City, some on Goan culture, sunsets and sunrise, fishing, etc.

Ahuja shares with us that it is because of the encouragement and support of his family and friends that he was determined to hold this exhibition. “I decided to have it in Goa itself because Goa is the true cultural and art capital of India,” he adds.

He is elated about this new field chosen, and believes that there is no right or wrong time to kick-start a career. He says that the exhibition will push him further to excel in this field.

Ahuja who has also been a been sportsman all his life having played table tennis and cricket at Junior State Level in Madhya Pradesh and football, wishes to continue staying active in sports besides having plans of popularising golf in Goa

Wanting to give out a message through this exhibition, Ahuja concludes: “People in their 60s should make an effort to rediscover themselves.”

(The photography exhibition will be on view tomorrow and December 18 between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Kala Academy.)

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